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Miranda Kerr’s beauty secret to super soft skin

by Abby Driver Published on 03/10/2012 at 00:00
Miranda Kerr’s beauty secret to super soft skin

That’s right, supermodel and all round stunner Miranda Kerr uses coconut oil to keep her skin hydrated and her hair healthy!

Miranda Kerr’s beauty secret to super soft skin

She said: “I cannot go a day without coconut oil.” Miranda uses it in cooking, but you can also reap the benefits by applying it directly to your body, face and hair.

And it’s not just Miranda Kerr that can’t get enough of it! Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston said: “I make salt scrubs with coconut oil. It’s natural and leaves my skin feeling beach ready.”

So what’s all the fuss about?

Well, coconut oil is easily absorbed into skin, meaning it can nourish dry skin and even relieve eczema and psoriasis. A few drops should leave skin and hair really moisturised and well cared for. Perfect for avoiding scaly winter skin and dehydrated hair!

To top it off, coconut oil is full of luaric acid which is renowned for it’s anti-vital and antibacterial properties too - my my, what a handy little beauty product!

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Abby Driver
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