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Slimming creams

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Slimming creams

Are slimming creams a con or do they really work? It all depends on your expectations: in reality these creams can never make you lose weight, but they can smoothen the skin and diminish cellulite. Discover how to choose the right product and how to use it properly.

What do slimming creams do?

Cellulite is a natural biological phenomena. 65% of women say that they are affected by cellulite on the hips, thighs, stomach and buttocks.

These areas store fat accumulated by our bodies, then use it up. But sometimes the fat cells store more than they get rid of, and this excess fat gives the skin an irregular appearance like orange peel.

Slimming creams contain molecules that work on the fat cell receptors to get rid of the stubborn fat or stop it from storing there. They also facilitate the elimination of fat and smooth the skin.

Good to know

Anti-cellulite, firming, slimming and lifting creams don't always do the same thing!!

Some products firm or smooth the skin but don’t penetrate the epidermis, whilst others act on fat mass, so choose a product according to your needs.


Slimming cream should always be applied through soft, gentle, regular massage to activate micro circulation, decongest tissue and re-establish lymphatic flow. In addition, massage increases skin temperature, improving absorption of the active ingredients.

Stomach: Massage in circular movements in a clockwise direction, rubbing in the cream.

Legs: Start from the knee towards the top of the thigh, in little circles.

Hips and buttocks: Place your hands flat on each side of your pelvis and make big circular movements, applying increasing pressure going up to the waist.

Arms: Massage from elbow towards the shoulder, paying particular attention to the inside of the arm.

Useful advice


-To get results, you need patience. Allow 2 or 3 months of twice-daily applications for results.

-Choose creams with good active ingredients: go for firming actives such as silicium, caffeine, centella asiatica, essential oils, bococa and the like. They help drain impurities from the body, smoothen cellulite and tone.

-Drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day.

New creams and steamers

A new generation of products are now available that leave an invisible film on the skin and act all day long.
Some block enzymes responsible for the formation of lipids, others slow down the process of fat absorption.
And steamers are time-savers because you don't need to massage; you just have a shot of the steamer after your shower and its action continues until your next shower.

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