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The Ultimate Non-surgical Face Lift Celebs Are Loving

by Lareese Craig ,
The Ultimate Non-surgical Face Lift Celebs Are Loving© CACI

Plastic surgery isnt for everyone so what if there was a non-surgical option that combats the signs of ageing without a single injection? Sounds promising right? With celebs from Hollywood to Belgravia going cray for CACI - the 'non-surgical face lift', we thought it was only fair that we found out what all the fuss was about. Stat.

It's a sad fact of life that as we age our muscles naturally start to lose tone and elasticity, causing the skin to appear less youthful. The joys! At this point we usually start talking Botox and pull at our fine lines and crows feet in the mirror but now there's an easier way to fight the signs of ageing. We're totally air punching right now.

The CACI Ultra treatment (Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument) is a non-invasive facial designed to re-educate your facial muscles to give you an incredible youthful visage without going under the knife. Zero injections, no surgery ... you're gonna need to hear more.

The unique combination of specific waveforms and frequencies work to tighten your muscles, whilst encouraging the production of collagen and elastin. No wonder J-Lo's a fan. (And seeing as she hasn't aged in over twenty years, we're already convinced!)

Firstly, skin is exfoliated using a unique crystal-free microdermabrasion technology. Fancy huh? In short it's an application of electric probes that help slough away the surface layer of skin (the stratum corneum) to encourage toning and repair. It sounds painful but it's not. Promise.

The Ultimate Non Surgical Facial Celebs Are Loving © CACI
The Ultimate Non Surgical Facial Celebs Are Loving
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Next it's onto the red and blue light therapy. This stage works on cellular repair and regeneration to diminish the signs of sun damage, blemishes, acne and scarring.

The third phase (probably the most alien) involves putting two hand held probes around each muscle group and sending electric magnetic frequency to mimic the body's bio electrical field. This makes the muscles tauter by restoring muscle tone and elasticity. Clever stuff.

To finish, a wand like handset (something between a knitting needle and a tong) is used to plump out deeper wrinkles, polished off with lymphatic drainage and a collagen-boosting hydrating mask.

Results are noticeable from one treatment with skin appearing more lifted and plumper but for best results you're best off doing the recommended course of 10.

If you would rather experience the CACi non-surgical face lift from the comfort of your own home then that's been made possible too. CACI Microlift, (£349.00) the Personal Facial Toning System, allows you to experience the benefits of the facial without the salon premium.

It emits low frequency, micro current pulses that work with your body's bio-electrical field thereby making the treatment totally pain-free.

On leaving the spa, our skin felt instantly refreshed, tight and plump. Not your traditional, aromatherapy facial but in anti-ageing terms, job done!

The CACI facial is £150.00 for 90 minutes and is available at The Four Seasons Hotel, London.

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Lareese Craig
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