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Now You Can Get Halloween Hooters With The Vampire Breast Lift

by Lareese Craig ,
Now You Can Get Halloween Hooters With The Vampire Breast Lift

Another day, another crazy beauty treatment to sink your teeth into. We've all heard of the vampire PRP facial thanks to a little lady by the name of Kim Holy Mackerel Kardashian, but now they've invented a vampire breast lift too, and just in time for Halloween.

We've had the pleasure of trying the PRP vampire facial made famous by Kim K and that was freaky enough but injecting plasma-rich platelets into your tits... that's got to win.

Much like its facial equivalent, a vampire breast lift involves drawing bloody from your body, usually your arm, extracting the plasma and re-injecting it back into your breasts. Stimulating blood flow to your bosoms does great things for your assets, appaz!

The benefits include perkier, firmer, younger-looking boobs, less visible stretch marks and more sensitive nipps. Wahey now.

Though on the subject of how safe the procedure is, the jury is out. Consultant plastic surgeon Miles Berry, author of The Good Boob Bible, told the MailOnline that women should proceed with caution:

​ "I have my reservations about injecting growth factors into a cancer-prone organ [...] Patients must have a mammogram beforehand and be followed up carefully."

We all know in our heart of hearts that if we really wanna treat our breasticles to a new cleavage we'd all be better off investing in one of those needle-free Victoria's Secret Bombshell bras. Kylie Jenner says so.

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Lareese Craig
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