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What His Christmas Gifts Really Mean (Men's Gifts Can Say A Lot)

by Vivian KELLY ,
What His Christmas Gifts Really Mean (Men's Gifts Can Say A Lot)© We Heart It

Ever wondered what goes through your man's mind when he's choosing your Christmas gift? 'Is he bothered? Does he care? Is he trying to tell me something?!' A gift can say a lot about your relationship. So ladies, if you wanna know the truth behind your present and see what 2016 holds for you and your beau check out our ultimate gift decoder below.

Gifts CAN speak louder than words - all you need to do is read between the lines!

1. If he gives... perfume

He's saying: 'I love the way you smell but I'd love you even MORE if you wore this'.

For a man, the scent of a woman is hot so a gorgeous fragrance is always a safe bet to go for (for him and you). If he wants to get you something nice but hasn't a clue what to get you this is the one to go for. So long as he doesn't buy you Katy Perry's new fragrance...

Thoughtfulness meter: 7/10

2. If he gives... a framed picture

He's saying: 'I want to show you how much I care, but I'm not sure how.'

This might not have you jumping with excitement but it is a sweet gift for the fellas that don't know how to express how they feel and want to do something special. It's also a good sign - it shows that he's serious about you. That is, if you've been dating for at least 6 months, otherwise, it's just a tiny bit creepy.

Thoughtfulness meter: An average 6/10

3. If he gives... socks/ PJs/ onesie

He's saying: 'I want to cuddle you all day, everyday.'

Another Christmas classic. It won't blow your socks off when it comes to emotions but it's a great gift to give especially if you haven't been dating long. Props if they're super cute.

Thoughtfulness meter: 5/10

4. If he gives... a gift card

He's saying: 'I'm buying gift cards for everyone and you are no exception.

Cheers mate. (The cash would have probably been better.) But I guess, it's better than nothing, right?

Thoughtfulness meter: 2/10

5. If he gives... a watch

He's saying: 'I have a watch fetish and I think you'll look goddam sexy in one.'

Every woman needs a nice watch at some point in her life. So when your man takes it upon himself to get you one, he's done pretty well. It's unique, it's flattering, it's an investment and you can still get away with wearing it if you break up! Well played.

Thoughtfulness meter: 7/10

6. If he gives... lingerie

He's saying: 'I've been fantasising about you in this all year. Be. My. Sex. Goddess.'

Some will arguably become very defensive about this, but keep in mind, about 90 percent of a man's thought process is all SEX. So as long as he's put in some thought on what to buy you, made the effort to get something beautiful and a little more daring than you'd like to buy yourself then your man has done good. Sure, he benefits A LOT too but who doesn't like a good romp? He gets a nice average...

Thoughtfulness meter: 6/10

7. If he gives... your fave Mulberry bag

He's saying: 'You deserve it baby.'

Now, we know what you're thinking. 'He doesn't need to spend a fortune to be thoughtful or great.' True, but we can guarantee 9 out of 10 girls have hinted at their man to buy them a designer handbag at least once this year. So if he listens and he really wants to make you scream with joy on X-mas morning then he'd know the only way to make your mouth drop is by getting THIS.

It's a big sacrifice so if you get this one, consider yourself very lucky!

Thoughtfulness meter: 10/10

8. If he gives... a sex toy

He's saying: 'Our sex life is starting to make me yawn, PLEASE be more adventurous.'

This can go two ways. Unless you've asked for one specifically, have a wild sex life or you've talked about experimenting soon tell him to return that sh*t and take you out instead. Be tasteful, not trashy.

Thoughtfulness meter: 4/10

9. If he gives... something you've picked yourself

He's saying: 'This way, we're both happy.'

You're so comfortable that surprising each other is no longer something you look forward to anymore. Don't forget what Christmas is all about!

Thoughtfulness meter: 1/10

10. If he gives... a spa weekend

He's saying: 'I want you to be pampered like a queen.'

This is a lovely gift idea. Whether it's a weekend with the girls or just a few hours at the spa for the day, this is a sure-fire way to please you and make you feel special. You deserve it all baby.

Thoughtfulness meter: 10/10

11. If he gives... nothing

He's saying: 'You don't actually think I take you seriously, do you?'


Thoughtfulness meter: 0/10

12. If he gives... a dress

He's saying: 'This was made for you. I can't wait for you to wear this.'

There's something truly sexy about a man that knows what his lady will like and look amazing in. It's a risky gift and takes a lot of thought (for a man at least). Buying clothes doesn't always mean he's not feeling your style - be happy girl. If he gets it right, he gets...

Thoughtfulness meter: 10/10

13. If he gives... art

He's saying: 'I REALLY hope you love it as much as I do.'

A picture can speak a million words. Not your conventional festive gift but a great one nonetheless. If you're into art, then this can mean so many things. (It can also cost a bomb too, but he doesn't have spend one.) Even better if he explains why he chose it. Cherish it girl!

Thoughtfulness meter: 9/10

14. If he gives... a puppy

He's saying: 'You're my unborn children's mother but I'm just not ready yet.'

A guaranteed way to put a HUGE smile on your face (and keep you quiet for a while). If you're in a serious relationship this is a good sign he's committed to you. Hopefully you stick around!

Thoughtfulness meter: 8/10

15. If he gives... a ring/ necklace

He's saying: 'I hope you think of me every time you wear this.'

Jewellery is a good investment and another one of those classic fail-safe gifts. If he chooses the right one and doesn't just make a last minute stop at H. Samuel then this one could actually make a pretty sweet heartfelt gift. Especially if it's a left hand sparkler!

Thoughtfulness meter: 9/10

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