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Why 'The Wife Zone' Proves Men Are Stupid

by Maria Bell Published on 06/08/2014 at 11:30
Why 'The Wife Zone' Proves Men Are Stupid © getty

Anyone who’s talked to another human being knows there’s a minefield of madness out there. But luckily for single guys struggling to find a good old fashioned wifey, there is a way to navigate your way through the crazy. Enter, gun wielding, hard-talking, US lawyer Dana McLendon with the key to all male dating problems wrapped up in one handy...graph. Because Math is awesome.

If ever there was a guide on how to never get a date again, this would be it. In his 6 minute video, Dana outlines the "Universal Hot Crazy Matrix"; the fine balance between crazy, hot and crazy hot girls. Does this guy have a doctorate already?

The basic principals of his theory are as follows: you manage to find a "smoking hot" woman that's "not crazy", she's a "tranny". Otherwise, she doesn't exist.

The worst thing about it? The amount of guys sharing this sh*t. It's LAD all the way. Way to ruin social progress, Dana. Just take a look for yourselves:


So yeah, that happened.

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