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Spray tanning

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Spray tanning

Fake tan gives you golden skin without the health risks associated with sunbathing, but you can easily end up looking a touch ridiculous if you put a foot (read knee, or elbow) wrong! Which is why spray-on tans were invented: they give an even, all-over tan in less than the time it takes to have a shower, and with about the same amount of effort.

How it works
A relatively new import from the US, spray-on tans which promise an even, all-over golden sheen in just a few minutes have, unsurprisingly, found many converts!

Spray-ons involve simply spritzing your entire body with fake tan. They contain the same active ingredient, dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which colours the keratin in the skin.

There are no UV rays and no health risks involved. Spray-on tans are administered by airbrush, either by a professional or in an automatic booth.

You just press the button when you're ready and let the airbrush spray the tan evenly all over your body.

What to remember
Before you hit the tanning salon, don't forget the preliminaries: wax, shave or epilate and exfoliate at least 24 hours before, remove any perfume, deodorant and make-up, and wear loose clothing.

You can choose from several different shades of tan. You apply a barrier cream wherever you don't want to tan and then go into the shower cubicle, either naked or wearing a swimming costume, with your hair tied up in a band.

You close your eyes, spread your arms and legs and flex a little so that all your skin gets coated evenly. A spray-on tan only takes a few seconds to apply.

After drying yourself gently you can get dressed again and go about your business, provided it doesn't involve showering, bathing or exercise for a few hours.

The pros
- Unlike UV rays or sunbeds, spray-on tans don't pose any health risks.
- Spray tanning is a really quick way to get an even all-over tan.

Quick info
- A session costs around £7 for the face and around £20 for a full body spray.
- Drying takes 6 hours. Beware of getting streaks on your clothes, especially whites.
- The effect doesn't last long (a week, or even less if you shower more than once a day).
- It also colours your body hair, so make sure you remove any fuzz beforehand.
- It doesn't make you 'naturally' tanned and won't protect you from the harmful effects of the sun. Like any fake tan, it isn't a substitute for sun cream!

Photo: Maybelline

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