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No time to hit the salon and sick of shaving? Sugaring could be the gentle de-fuzzing method you're looking for. It's an ancient Oriental hair removal method that's becoming increasingly popular in Western countries.

How it works
Sugar wax only attaches itself to the hair and not to the skin, unlike standard waxing. You apply the sugar paste, which is like a ball of caramel, to the area and tear it off. Unlike other more permanent methods, it doesn't weaken the hair follicles or prevent regrowth, but it does provide around 3 weeks of smooth, fuzz-free skin.

How to apply it
You can make your own paste at home: simply boil 2 handfuls of sugar and half a glass of water for a few minutes. When it caramelises and turns brown, add a few drops of lemon, 2 tablespoonfuls of honey and mix cold water in. Once the mixture has cooled down a little and is lukewarm, model into a ball ready to apply onto your legs, rollling upwards from your ankles to your knees. Tear off downwards and repeat, then rinse with water.

- It's quick, natural and lasts for around 3 weeks.
- Lukewarm wax can be used all over the body. It's advised for people with poor circulation in the legs because it isn't too hot and because the massaging movement when you apply the ball of wax helps stimulate circulation.

- Like any form of waxing, it hurts!
- Home-made wax doesn't stick to the hair as well as hot wax, so you have to wait until your hair is long enough to re-do it.

You can buy ready-to-use sugaring strips or pots of ready-to-heat sugar paste in supermarkets and beauty retailers.

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