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Cool Bridal Ideas! How To Wear Your Nails On Your Wedding Day

by Ursula Dewey ,
Cool Bridal Ideas! How To Wear Your Nails On Your Wedding Day© Getty

On your wedding day, the little details matter more than ever and that includes your Mrs manicure. For all those up close photos you need to make sure your nails are doing your photos (and your diamond) justice. But what should brides-to-be keep in mind when it comes to their wedding day manicure? To find out we spoke to Carly Marsden, Bio Sculpture Nail Technician for tips and trends and everything in between.

  1. · What type of nail polish should you use for your wedding day?
  2. · How far in advance should you get your nails done before the wedding?
  3. · What can you do to make sure your manicure stays perfect on the day?
  4. · Wedding day nails advice
  5. · Check out these nails for wedding mani inspiration

When you think of wedding nails it's easy to dismiss them as boring and safe. The traditional French mani has been working wonders for brides for years, but that doesn't mean it's your only option. Carly says things are becoming WAY more adventurous, "Alternative French manicures with V-shape, diagonal or heavier white tips are being requested a lot more. Nude colours are becoming more and more popular, with choices ranging from pale pink shades to more camel coloured shimmery hues. We are also seeing a lot more pillar-box red nails on vintage style and 1940s inspired brides."

Why not give your nails a vintage twist?

Other trends which are really emerging for wedding nails right now include glitter effects, feature nails and bold use of colour. Carly says, "Brides are opting for bolder colours on their nails and as a result this is becoming much more acceptable for today’s weddings. Reds, corals and pinks are a very popular choice particularly for destination weddings in the sunshine.​"

What type of nail polish should you use for your wedding day?

Once you've got your hair and makeup confirmed it's easy to just gloss over what you're having on your nails, as long as they're 'done', but that's the wrong approach.

There are lots of things to consider when you get your wedding manicure, "Go for a long lasting product that you can have done before the big day and that will last throughout the honeymoon. Chipped nails are an added stress that you don’t need on your special day. You should also consider the length of your nails to ensure that they are comfortable and manageable."

You don't want to rip a hole in your Chantilly lace dress with your talons - our advice is to keep them longish so that you have a couple of mm over the tip of your finger. Tapered edges always look elegant too.

How far in advance should you get your nails done before the wedding?

"With a long lasting product such as gel, have them done no more than a week before. If you chose a long lasting product such as Bio Sculpture Gel, they will still look great up to 3 weeks later, seeing you through the wedding and honeymoon. Ask your technician for maintenance products that should include a cuticle oil, hand cream and topcoat so that you can keep your nails looking their very best. Try Bio Sculpture Cuticle Oil £5.40 & Bio Sculpture Hand Cream, £6.75."

We advise getting your nails done with a gel manicure the day before the wedding - once you have finished arranging flowers and prettifying the venue - the last thing you want is to have to touch things up on the day.

What can you do to make sure your manicure stays perfect on the day?

Having beautiful wedding day nails isn't as simple as just having your polish done the night before. It is important to always maintain the health and condition of your nails, including on the lead up to the wedding day.

​Carly recommends that you "Apply cuticle oil and hand cream to rehydrate and combat any dryness on the cuticles, fingers and hands. If needed and you are wearing a gel product that is compatible with nail varnish remover, remove the top layer with a non-acetone remover and re-apply for good-as-new shine. Your hands will be the focal point for certain aspects of the day such as the giving of rings and cutting the cake so this will ensure that they are looking in perfect condition for the whole day."

Time to get moisturising!

Wedding day nails advice

Our top advice for perfect bridal nails? It's as easy as can be...

1. Try out a few different colours in the weeks leading up to your wedding so you know you're happy with your final choice of colour.

2. Think about your bouquet. Will your wedding nails go with the colour scheme of your bouquet or will it clash horribly? Think about making things look harmonious for the photos.

3. Stop biting! It can be a nail biting experience to get married so if you're already a bit of a nibbler nip the habit in the bud in the months before your wedding. There are some really great methods out there to stop biting your nails from nibble inhibitors you can paint on, to wearing plasters on your nails, you want to have healthy nails and cuticles for your wedding day close up.

4. Use a cuticle oil every evening and start using hand cream religiously. Soft, picture perfect hands will be yours!

5. If you want to add a pop of colour to your nails try and tie the colour to your colour scheme or a dominant colour in your bouquet.

Check out these nails for wedding mani inspiration


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