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Pippa Middleton hair: Get her Wimbledon blow-dry

by Lareese Craig ,
Pippa Middleton hair: Get her Wimbledon blow-dry© GETTY

When Wimbledon-mania hits, your tresses need to be in tip top condition in full prep for the Great British weather and head-turning action. Who better to give us sporting hairspiration than Pippa Middleton? Take a look at how to get the royalty-approved bouncy baseline blow-dry.

Pippa Middleton got the ball game rolling for the first day of Wimbledon when she stepped out with her voluminous best of British blowdry.

Despite the gloomy weather Pippa’s Wimbledon waves stayed firmly put. Nobody’s point scoring but she’d win the match point for that barnet.

The great news is you don’t need a celeb stylist to steal her court side style just kit yourself out with a paddle brush, tip your head upside down and blast with cool air, it’s as easy as 15-love. We spoke to leading hair stylists Lee Stafford and Ben Cooke from Lockonego to get their top tips on achieving Pippa's sports glam look.

How to get the Pippa Middleton Wimbledon blow-dry:

1. It’s important to prepare hair for receiving blasts of heat so begin by using a really hydrating shampoo and conditioner and invest in a trade secret styling brush like Lee Stafford's Big Fat Root Boosting Brush.

2. Don’t rub your hair with a towel after washing – the friction will just encourage frizz and split ends. Instead, gently wrap the towel around your hair and squeeze to get rid of excess water.

3. Heat protection is a must when blow-drying. Prep damp hair with a heat protection cream or spray to help reduce damage and keep frizz at bay.

4. Part the hair in the middle and start blow-drying at the front - it’s the part that everyone sees and therefore the part you should make look as gorgeous as you can. Sectioning the hair and clipping it back can make it easier as you go along.

5. To create extra volume, use a paddle brush and dry your hair with your head tipped forward. Try drying the hair in different directions to help to create volume and texture.

6. Finish each section with a blast of cool air to seal the cuticle in place. For added volume, be sure to dry the hair in accentuated movements, and finish with a good anti-humidity hair spray.

Lee Stafford adds: "To freeze the style in place, apply the cool setting before unrolling the brush from the hair - this will create the flick to the end of your hair leaving you with the perfect blowout.Finish with my Hold Tight Firm Hold Hairspray to set the style in place."

There’s no sporting spectator excuses now. Get your British blowdry on.

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Lareese Craig
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