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Nose job (rhinoplasty)

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Nose job (rhinoplasty)

Your nose defines who you are and if you don’t like it, (if it’s too long, too big, hooked or badly aligned) it can cause you to consider surgery. But are you sure you want to undergo surgery? Here are a few questions to ask yourself before going through with a rhinoplasty.

Why do you want a nose job?

Analyse the cause well. It’s a big decision that must be thought through maturely, because it’s irreversible. It’s important you're sure.

- Is it vital? Do you have breathing problems? Are you ashamed and embarrassed of your nose? Is it a serious handicap? Then maybe an operation is necessary.

- Is it psychological? If you’re obsessed by the look of your nose, rhinoplasty could save you a lot of sessions with a psychologist...but not always.

- Good reasons: If the shape of your nose is a cogenital defect, caused by an accident, an imbalance in your body, it affects your well being, self-esteem and relationships with others and prevents you from being you, then it might be a good idea.

- Bad reasons: Don't rush into a decision. If you don't want the same nose as your dad, you want to seduce that cute guy, or you want the same nose as Jennifer Aniston, take a good look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself: do I really need this?

Before you go for surgery

Do your research. You need to be well informed so that you don’t put your nose in the hands of just anybody. Check out the Department of Health’s website for more information at www.dh.gov.uk


The purpose of the pre-surgery consultation is to discuss your needs and expectations with the surgeon.

The point is to achieve the most natural result possible. It’s an important discussion which will build trust with your surgeon and ensure you're both satisfied with the end result.

The surgeon will show you photos of patients who have had the same op to give you a precise idea of the final result. He will take photos of you from the front and side (in profile).

Remember that it’s very important to keep your nose in harmony with your forehead and chin. Avoid going too short or too thin if your face is wide, and you don't want a button nose if your face is long. It's all a question of balance.

The operation

The optimum age to get this operation done is 18, when your nose is fully grown. Before that, it’s out of the question because your nose will continue to grow and further procedures will be necessary later on. The procedure lasts between 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on whether the size or the shape is being changed. Expect to spend a day in hospital.

After the operation

You need to be confident and patient. After the operation, allow 8 to 10 days in plaster before you get to discover your new nose and face.

You'll need time to adjust to the new you. Prepare yourself psychologically by talking to others who have had the procedure, or see a life coach.

Remember you're still the same person, but you're also a changed person! Take your time to get to know the new you.

The verdict and advice

Your new nose should make you feel beautiful, happy in your skin, suited to your face and your new personality. A new nose also means a new look:

Make up. You can put away those concealers and corrective powders: you'll no longer need to try and change the look of your nose with make-up. You can also wear less make-up around your eyes and mouth, because you won't need to direct attention away from your nose.

Accessories. From now on you can wear diffrent types of glasses and shades.

Nose jobs that go wrong

Unfortunately this can happen. It is usually a result of technical errors. Errors are not fatal and can always be repaired, even if it’s sometimes complex.

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