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12 Thoughts Every Girl Has Before Getting A Boob Job

by Tolani Shoneye ,
12 Thoughts Every Girl Has Before Getting A Boob Job

Boobs, boobs, boobs. I've had a love and hate relationship with mine most of my adult life. From loving my small handful, to craving bigger boobs and everything in between. When I was in the stage of wanting bigger breasts I contemplated breast augmentation surgery, and while doing my research a few weird and wonderful questions popped up, and I'm sure I'm not alone. Here are 12 thoughts every girl has before a boob job...

1. How big is too big?

I want bigger boobs, but seriously would a DD suit my frame? There really is such a thing as having boobs that are too big, just look at Heidi Montag. Always ask the surgeon's advice...

2. What happens if it goes wrong?

A Google search of boob jobs gone wrong will put the fear of God into anyone. ​When considering a surgeon or cosmetic surgery company, look into their other patient experiences and always ask this question.

3. Can I still be a feminist with fake boobs?

Will having fake boobs compromise my feminist credentials? I mean I should be a strong enough woman to love my body, no matter the size of my boobs. Then again it's my body and I can do what I want to do with it.

4. Can the implants explode at high altitude?

Ok so it may seem a little extreme, but seriously what is the likelihood that the implants would explode when I am on a plane? We've all watched 1000 Ways To Die right?

5. Will I ever have to wear a bra again?

If not, this alone is worth the money. Nothing beats having your boobs stand up straight without the help of evil metal bondage contraptions, aka the bra. Would I still have to battle my boobs into a bra after a boob job? Say no someone - please!

6. How much does it hurt?

A doctor is literally cutting into my breast tissue. This is sure to hurt, right? How long will the pain last for? I don't want numb breasts either! So many questions!

7. How will my breasts feel after the surgery?

Sure they will feel tender and a little achy, but after all that, how will my boobs really feel? Will I be able to feel the implants? How do I know if something is not right?

8. Do I announce that I had a boob job, or do I just wait for people to notice?

So I can't blame my breasts doubling in size on weight gain, nor can it be a really good bra... How do you tell people you have had a boob job, is it best just to post it on Facebook to stop all the awkward questions?

9. How appropriate is it to wear a low cut top all the time?

I've paid a lot of money for these bad boys, it's only right to show them off right?

10. What happens to my nipples?

So research says that you might lose nipple sensitivity once you have had a boob job, so does this mean I can never enjoy having my boobs kissed again? I don't know if I am ready to give that up.

11. What happens when I have a baby?

When I decide to have babies, will my boobs still be in 'working condition'? Will I be able to breast feed? And since we all know that boobs get a lot bigger during pregnancy, what would I be in for size wise? I need answers!

12. Will men just want me for my boobs?

Will men be able to see past my lovely big boobs? I mean behind the cleavage I am still a smart, funny respectable woman.

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