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13 Reasons The Apple Watch Is The Ultimate Accessory For Girls On The Go

by Lareese Craig Published on 10/09/2014 at 19:30
13 Reasons The Apple Watch Is The Ultimate Accessory For Girls On The Go © Apple

Anybody need a smart watch that doubles up as a personal trainer come personal assistant? Always! If you haven’t already heard there’s been some big news in the Applesphere and it’s making us tick tock. We’re not even sorry! Here’s 13 reasons why the Apple Watch is the best thing since red velvet cupcakes. Yes we’re serious.

Early next year the first Apple Watch will be unleashed upon the world and we'll finally be able to live out our Bernard's Watch dreams. Kind of.

​Ok, so Apple can't freeze time but this is what they can do. Here's 13 reasons the Apple Watch is the ultimate accessory for girls on the go.

1. It's actually wearable!

Technology isn’t always fashionable is it? But the Apple Watch can invade every aspect of your life and wardrobe thanks to the switchable styles. There’s a sport band, a fancy leather band and a stainless steel band. Watch and learn.

2. It knows your schedule

Who needs an i-Pad when you can claw back some you-time and manage all of your calendar dates right from the comfort of your own wrist?

3. It has a digital crown

Fine it’s not the sparkling tiara kind but we can get over that. This little dial allows you to scroll through menus, select items and return to your home screen. Beats moving the hour hand right?

4. It comes in two sizes

If you have small nimble wrists you can still wear the watch. Panic over.

5. Map your life

This little gadget doesn’t shout at you when it needs to recalculate, making you feel like a complete and utter failure at life. Instead, it gives you a discreet tickle, ok a vibration, when you need to turn. Genius.

And for those days when you can’t work out your left from your right (we have a lot of those), Apple has the answer for that too. The vibrations feel differently depending on which way you need to turn. You’ll never get lost in Primark again.

6. You can pester your friends

Always essential for a girl on the go that doesn’t have time to make that phone call. Like a Facebook poke you can tap on a friend’s contact on your list and, as long as they are also wearing the watch, they will feel a mild buzz also known as 'stop ignoring my Whatapps b*tch'. Thank you Apple. Thank you.

7. Did we mention you can send emojis?

Always essential when no words can express your emotion quite like a monkey covering its mouth or a love heart. We can’t make it through the day without one of those.

8. Socialise on the move

Get all your social media notifications on the beat. Just make sure you look up every now and again to avoid any dodgy pavement slams.

9. Siri's on hand to help

Got a question? Siri’s there to lend a hand. Then again of course he is #siriseverywhere

10. Commander

When you need to reply but your fingers just can’t move fast enough you can send a voice reply. The walkie-talkie just got real.

11. For the fitness fanatic

You might need to stop soul cycling for a minute and listen to this. There’s a dedicated fitness app that can track all your movements while a workout map helps you set fitness goals. The apps can track calories and count how much more exercise you need to do to reach your goal for the day. Just call it your very own personal trainer!

Oh and there’s more. The i-Watch can monitor your heart rate. What the actual…?

12. Lock down

You can lock your car, open your hotel room and everything! Just not yet. 2015 people.

13. It's cheaper than Michael Kors

It's worth thinking about. MK sets you back £250.00. An Apple Watch is £216.00 which, when you think about it is actually crazy!

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