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15 Reasons Why Between-season Shopping Sucks

by Cliche Wynter ,
15 Reasons Why Between-season Shopping Sucks© Pinterest

The January sales have come to an end. What are we left with? The scraps, that's what. We're now in that weird stage of retail where they're dumping all their winter merchandise and are loading up on all the warm weather gear that we won't be able to slip into for months. Which obviously makes a lot of sense. That's just ONE reason why shopping between seasons sucks. Here are a few others.

1. All the good stuff is full price



2. They endlessly tempt you with "Buy NOW! Sale Ends TODAY"

But then there's another sale the following week. Jerks. Desperate jerks.

3. The entire store looks like a war zone


Instant headache. Good luck making it out of there alive!

4. You can't find your size in anything

Because they're emptying their stock, it's practically impossible to find your size in anything. You have to decide if you'd like to gain 100 lbs or starve... Decisions, decisions.

5. You're bombarded with spring florals in February


Which is great, you know? Of course you want to look like an 8-year-old in 4 degree weather.

6. That really cozy sweater you wanted is gone... long gone

You patiently waited for it to go on sale. You even hid your size in a remote corner of the store. But alas, some other savvy shopper beat you to it.

7. Your emotions are constantly in flux


Should you shop for winter? Should you shop for spring? What's life even? Someone help!

8. All the clothes are painfully bright in the summer

But then depressingly drab in the winter. Where's the middle ground? We'd like to live there.

9. As you're picking up that mini you realize....


It's time to start shaving again. Looking like a Yeti works fine in the winter, but is so not chic in July...

10. In the middle of winter there are bikins everywhere

Which is obviously the worst.

11. In the summer it's impossible to find that killer LBD


And a girl has GOT to have her LBD, okay?!

12. You're broke so can't buy anything anyway

Which makes those sale announcements all the more tortuous. How dare they be so cruel!?

13. There are a lot of "just because" purchases


Also known as the most disgusting items of clothing known to man you decided to buy anyway. Why? Because it was buy one get one free. That's why!

14. You have no idea what the trends are

So you get ballsy and make a random statement purchase. Fingers crossed you don't look like an idiot.

15. You really want that coat from Zara


But know it's no where near cold enough to wear it.

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