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[Video] This Is What Happens When People Shop For Alexander Wang x H&M: FIGHTS Break Out

by Cliche Wynter ,
[Video] This Is What Happens When People Shop For Alexander Wang x H&M: FIGHTS Break Out© H&M

Just how far would you go for a hot designer item? These shoppers took things to the next level when the Alexander Wang x H&M collaboration hit stores yesterday.

If you were like us, you had the good sense to shop the Wang collection from the comfort of your home (or office, teehee). Though, if we're being honest, that came with its own set of challenges - H&M's site crashed before 10 a.m. leaving everyone in a panic and cold sweat. "WTF, DUDE? How could they not know this was going to happen?!" was the exact thought that ran across the minds of enraged consumers. Yeah, let's just say that getting this gear was not easy.

However, there were tons of people who decided to brave the crowds to snag items from the hottest designer capsule collection since Versace. And as you can imagine, things got crazy.

Emotions were clearly running high as everyone raced to grab their desired pieces. Then, in what we're going to chalk up to fatigue and temporary insanity, shoppers began fighting each other. The thirst for Wang was that real, y'all.

Peep the video:

I can't even imagine being that eager for designer goods. Putting my body in harm's way for clothing that will fade after a few washes? Umm, no.

Needless to say I was able to purchase exactly what I wanted from the collection. The best part? Not a strand of my hair was hurt in the process. That, ladies and gentleman, is a true success story.

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