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What To Wear To Flatten A Rounded Stomach: The Styling Tips You Need To Know

by cheree Published on 16/04/2008 at 00:00
What To Wear To Flatten A Rounded Stomach: The Styling Tips You Need To Know © Getty

Hiding a rounded stomach is certainly no easy fashion feat. Do you divert all attention elsewhere and go loose and floaty or do you hold it all perfectly in place with those miracle undies we like to call Spanx? Whether you're naturally curvy, have just had a baby or simply over did it with that XL but totally worth it pizza, here's what to wear to flatter a rounded stomach.

For all those times you want to slimline your outfit there are tons of easy styling shortcuts you can play around with for instant slimming and skimming. To flatten your mid-section curves you need to know which cuts, colours, designs and trends are going to work for you every single time.

That's why we spoke to the professionals at Navabi, the curvy clothing gurus, to hear their style secrets for flattering a rounded belly. Here's are their top tips on to look totally chic, sleek and curvaceous!

Style conundrum: What to wear to flatter a rounded stomach

Luckily if you want to hide your stomach there are tons of easy styling shortcuts you can play around with for instant slimming and skimming.

To flatten and flatter your mid-section curves you need to know which cuts, colours, designs and trends are going to work for you every time.

That's why we spoke to the professionals at Navabi to hear their style secrets for hiding a rounded belly.

Dresses that hide your tummy

The main style rule for taking attention away from a large stomach, is to go for A-line dresses and empire designs that loosely drape over the tummy and hips. Clingy body-con is a no no.

Take your stomach-skimming cues from curvy celebs like Kate Winslet, Reese Witherspoon and Christina Aguilera. They all have shapely figures, but know that clever styling trickery can make a rounder tummy vanish in an instant.

Kate Winslet's empire line dress (right) skims her stomach, while the sequin detail below the bust and on the sleeves, draws the eye upwards and away from her middle, all while creating that gorgeous hourglass silhouette.

A wrap front dress is also a must for your fashion arsenal. They draw the eye to your décolletage and away from your stomach and have the added power of being able to create a lovely cinched in waist. We're always game for that!


When it comes to tops, shape, cut and colour play can work wonders to hide a large stomach. Peplum tops and blouses that flare from below the bust are best to make a rounded stomach disappear in an instant. Don't go for tight fitting shirts or tops as they will only draw attention to your mid-section.

One quick tip to slim your shape and create the illusion of a waist is to play with colour blocking. Reese Witherspoon styled her post-baby body perfectly with a blue Louis Vuitton dress.

The structured bodice shows off her toned upper body and the clever black detailing slims her shape, drawing her in at the waist. The result? Heavenly hourglass goals.

Alternatively do as Christina Hendricks does and highlight your best assets with all black everything with a hint of cleavage.

All black not your thing? If you want to go colourful and patterned, soft shades on your torso are way more flattering. Vertical stripes, simple patterns, small dots and abstract floral prints are a perfect choice if you want to embrace pattern.

Trouser tricks

The fail-safe trouser choice for hiding a tum? High-waisted trousers. The added support helps to hide the stomach and creates a lovely silhouette. Go for a narrow cut leg to make your legs look longer. Would ya look at Bey in action!


Of course, a style guide to hiding a rounded stomach wouldn't be complete without covering off the holy grail of stomach slenderising get ups, we are of course talking about shape wear.

As well as your standard Spanx shorts and knickers, try stomach-flattening tights which can support and pull in your tummy and create the illusion of slimmer pins too.

Best fabrics

Avoid elaborately draped fabric in the stomach area and choose pieces with vertical seams instead as they will elongate your body.

Keep an eye on the fabric: close-fitting materials like jersey or stretch are also not very flattering. In addition to that, shiny fabrics like satin, especially in lighter colours, make your stomach look bigger than it is.

Try avoiding pieces made of 100% viscose as well, as they have the exact same effect. Instead, choose lightweight fabrics like lace or chiffon. They do not add any bulk and are still feminine.

We love what Kim K has done with her white suit combo. She keeps it tailored and chic to flatter her curves but amps up the drama with that white Thierry Mugler tail coat. Swoon! Who says your maternity wardrobe has to be boring?


Accessories are perfect to accentuate your best parts and distract away from a rounded stomach. If you love your legs then opt for dresses teamed with statement high heels. Stay away from waist belts – they emphasise the middle of the body instead of diverting attention away from it.

Long pendants and long printed scarves are also great for layering up your look and shifting the focus from your stomach to your styling skills - Zara have a great collection of vibrant prints and colour pop options.

If you're feeling adventurous you could even pull a Burberry move and tuck the scarf through either side of your skinny belt as demoed so effortlessly by the accessories queen herself, Miss Olivia Palermo. So. Chic. It. Hurts.


There are quite a few styles of beachwear to conceal a rounded stomach. The most important thing to keep in mind is to draw eyes away from your middle. How to do that? Choose swimwear with detailing on the top and bottom and leave the centre plain.

One-piece swimsuits are always classy and they are available in plenty of different colours, cuts and shapes. Most one pieces now have tummy control fabric inside the lining, which covers up the stomach and creates a streamlined silhouette.

The same applies to tankinis which also work perfectly to flatten a rounded stomach. Swimsuits with vertical stripes also help to create a slimmer middle. If you don't want to reveal too much skin, just throw over a lightweight beach cover-up or bang on trend fringed kimono. Done deal!

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