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What to Wear to Work: Office-Appropriate Looks For Spring

by Cliche Wynter ,
What to Wear to Work: Office-Appropriate Looks For Spring

It seems the weather has finally taken its rightful shift to warmer temperatures; indicating that it's time for a wardrobe overhaul. Amen. If you're like me, you're eager to ditch the layers and hit the streets in sundresses - sans tights. But before you get too carried away, keep in mind that when it comes to office attire, you have to toe the line. So, what to wear to work in the spring and summer? Check out these tips for office appropriate looks.

  1. · Sleeveless Dresses With Modest Hemlines
  2. · Bold Trenches With Jeans
  3. · Culottes Paired With An Oversized Tee
  4. · Chic Shirt Dress
  5. · Full Skirts With a Sweater
  6. · Midi Dress With Sleeves
  7. · Blouse and Trousers
  8. · Take Some Work Style Cues From These Stylish Ladies:

Let's all gather 'round and toss our wool coats into storage and flaunt our most chic trenches to fete the dawn of a new day. Warmer temperatures have arrived and to say I'm giddy with excitement would be a gross understatement. Spring definitely didn't come a moment too soon.

But in the midst of the joy, comes the moment when we all realise our work wardrobes have to be updated. What do you wear to keep cool yet remain stylish and office appropriate? Keep these things keep in mind: don't opt for anything too tight, too short, or cut too low.

Need some extra tips on what to wear to work? Peep tons of inspiration below.

Sleeveless Dresses With Modest Hemlines

Hello! How awesome and on trend is Giovanna Battaglia's gingham dress? It strikes the perfect balance when it comes to office attire. It's current, allows for your arms to breathe, but also serves up a demure appeal with the hemline.

This look gets the green light from me.

Bold Trenches With Jeans

If you work at a more laid back office (or perhaps are indulging in casual Friday), jeans can be worn with a classic white top. Polish it off the look with a bold trench and some heeled sandals.

Easy and effortless. What's not to love?

Culottes Paired With An Oversized Tee

I've admittedly been on the fence about culottes, but Margaret Zhang made a very stylish case that seriously has me reconsidering. You should, too. Short shorts generally don't belong at work, so try giving these a shot.

Chic Shirt Dress

As summer rolls around you'll find yourself willing to throw on anything that keeps you cool. A shirt dress is the answer to your prayers. They're loose enough to allow ventilation, but chic enough to wear to work,

Full Skirts With a Sweater

Strike the perfect balance between sporty and feminine with a sweatshirt and full skirt. We all know the air conditioning is on full blast when it's hot out, so here's the perfect way to stay toasty while you hover over your computer in the office.

Midi Dress With Sleeves

Forgo the light spring coat and rock it out with a midi dress with sleeves. For extra style points I recommend going with a bold print. Don't be afraid to have a little fun when it comes to your work gear!

Blouse and Trousers

Ah, the classic! A blouse paired with trousers will never ever do you wrong. Throw on some killer heels and some sunnies and you're all good to go.

Take Some Work Style Cues From These Stylish Ladies:

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