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20 Pinterest Pics That Prove You Should Just Get A Lob Already

by Pascale Day ,
20 Pinterest Pics That Prove You Should Just Get A Lob Already

The lob is a hair trend that won't quit - it's the gift that keeps on giving. Just when you think you've exhausted all avenues when it comes to hair styling, Pinterest throws up a number of new pics and give us an extra month's inspo. Wavy, straight, curly, layered - even a French bob is a thing now and it's the cutest darn hairstyle you've ever seen. So if there was ever a good time to try a lob, this is it. The long bob is having a moment and you need to be part of it.

1. French lob

Credit: newmediumhairstyles

2. Messy lob

Credit : Clem Entine

3. Braided lob

Credit : Kayla's Five Things

4. Smooth lob

Credit : ​Milie Cestquoicebruit

5. Wavy lob

Credit : Géraldine GORY

6. Short n' simple lob

Credit : Geri Hirsch

7. Short lob with side fringe

Credit : Lynn Terry

8. Old school wavy lob

Credit :​ Constance paw

9. Soft lob

Credit: kate de

10. Retro lob with fringe

Credit : helloitsvalentine.fr

11. Platinum lob

Credit: Fashionisers

12. California blonde lob

Credit : Geri Hirsch

13. Sixties lob

Credit: guhsaan.tumblr

14. Matte golden blonde lob

Credit : Geri Hirsch

15. Smooth, sweeping lob

Credit :​ Constance paw

16. Curly lob

Credit: Linn Wiberg

17. Blunt lob

Credit : Géraldine GORY

18. Unstructured lob

Credit: lo lamperti

19. Punk lob

Credit: Mia Oakley

20. Shaggy lob

​Credit: Gaynor Wonderley

Are you considering a lob? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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