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Festival Hair Hacks Anyone Can Master This Summer

by Lareese Craig ,
Festival Hair Hacks Anyone Can Master This Summer

Festivals are always a good excuse to get experimental with your tresses. From rainbow chalks and slept-in chignons to flower garlands and fishtails; we’ve compiled these festival hairstyles hacks for party-proof tresses round the clock. Get ready to release your inner boho babe.

  1. · Blake Lively inspired multi-fishtail
  2. · Step-by-step
  3. · The rose garland
  4. · Step-by-step
  5. · Rainbow chalks
  6. · Step-by-step
  7. · The Coachella chignon
  8. · Step-by-step
  9. · Check out more step by step images in the gallery below
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Getting festival ready always start with the outfits but then there’s the hair dilemma. Armed with dry shampoo, hair chalks, accessories and a few styling secrets you’ll be well prepared for dancing, jamming, drinking and everything else that happens at a festival…all with beautiful-looking hair.

From Blake Lively's textured fishtail, to sand-art inspired colour chalks and dressed down chignons there's no need to settle with a top knot this year.

Here’s how to style your locks this festival season!

Blake Lively inspired multi-fishtail

Because one fishtail is never enough! Blake Lively set the bar high when she wore that her impressive princess Jasmine braid but there is a way to make it work for us non-celebrity types. Anna McArdle hair stylist at Michael Van Clarke showed us how to make it work.


  • Take a section of hair and divide it into two
  • ​Begin your inverted plait by taking a strand from the outside section of one side over to the other section and vice versa
  • ​Repeat this stage until you come to the end of your plait. Secure with clear elastic
  • ​You can then move on to do two or three other fishtails before bunching them all together for a carefree festival feel

    Remember to pull the plaits a little when your finished to enhance the texture and create volume. The messier the better!

The rose garland

Every festival goer needs to pack a floral punch, starting with hair accessories. It’s one of the few rules of tenting out. Not least because they look great in photos, but they can also make endless five minute hairstyles. We used this hot pink garland from Primark - bargain!

Anna showed us how teasing your hair in and out of your headband can make for a gorgeous off-duty milkmaid do. Try it for yourself by weaving your hair in and out of the elastic.


  • Backcomb the roots all over
  • ​Put hairband in place on on top of the hair
  • Take the hair hanging at the back and in two or three sections lift it up and tuck it round the headband
  • ​Keep tucking the hair in until it creates the shape of a little chignon
  • ​Use bobby pins to secure if needed

Rainbow chalks

If you can't get away with looking like a My Little Pony in your everyday working life then why not take full advantage and paint your locks purple, pink and blue for festival purposes?

There’s plenty of wash in/wash out colour chalks and powders on the market, so going multi-coloured has never been easier. See, even the boss will approve!

As long as you're prepared to get a little messy in the process, this festival look makes for a gorgeous alternative to the ombre trend.


  • Use a styling wand like the Babyliss Pro Conical Wand or the GHD Classic Curling Tong to put some relaxed waves through the hair
  • Cover your clothes with a towel and spray the chalks onto random sections of the hair, starting a little a way from the root and working your way down to the ends
  • ​Allow the powder to set and dry before continuing
  • T​ake a piece of hair from each side at the front, twist and tie together. Voila!

The Coachella chignon

Classic chignons usually take pride of place on the red carpet but they can easily be dressed down for festivals. No one wants to waste precious party time on fiddly up-dos now do they!? Say hello to the California girl's version!


  • Start by backcombing the roots
  • Pull the hair over to one side to create a subtle side parting and secure with grips
  • Plait the loose hair into a fishtail (see festival hair look 1) or a french braid
  • Twist the plait up and wrap around to form a chignon
  • ​​Secure with grips

    The best bit? If it goes a little bit wrong or baggy in places, leave it. That's the festival charm!

Check out more step by step images in the gallery below

Bedhead Fishtails, Cray Colour Chalks & Carefree Chignons: Easy Festival Hairstyles © Sofeminine.co.uk
Bedhead Fishtails, Cray Colour Chalks & Carefree Chignons: Easy Festival Hairstyles
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