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This Blogger Glued Her Actual Hair To Her Eyebrows And You *Need* To See The Result

by Rose Adams ,
This Blogger Glued Her Actual Hair To Her Eyebrows And You *Need* To See The Result

Ladies, let's join together and call time on wasted hours spent despairing over those bare patches of skin that remain where your eyebrows used to, y'know before we all over plucked them in the nineties, cos this blogger has found the perfect solution. It's so simple we're out here wondering why we never thought of it before tbh...

We feel like we've tried ALL the methods out there for re-growing our sparse brows: coconut oil, olive oil, even onions - yes, you read that right. But so far, no joy. And we're not gonna lie, painting them on every day with fibres, pencils, gels, powders does get a little exhausting.

Let us rejoice then for forward thinking beauty vlogger Stephanie Lange who has come up with an innovative, and slightly bizarre new way to solve that facial balding. Wait for it: cutting hair from your head and using it as facial fuzz replenishment for your brows. Is she crazy? Maybe. Do we want to see how they actually look then try it for ourselves? HELL YEAH.


Stephanie gives her ends a little trim then applies the hair to her eyebrow with eyelash glue and voila! The look is complete. I mean, we've got a whole lot of hair to spare on our heads, so what's a couple snipped off the ends, hey? They only give us split end struggles anyway. Yup, when we think about it now it's actually quite an obvious hack - it may sound strange, but we're all for recycling after all.

​But remember the brave gal doesn't actually show us the end result of her DIY haircut people AND she did a patch test with the glue beforehand- so just bear that in mind if you do give this a go, yeah?

Now where did we put those scissors?

Will you be trying this out? Let us know @SofeminineUK!

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Rose Adams
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