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How To Create The Perfect Party Waves: Step By Step

by Ursula Dewey ,
How To Create The Perfect Party Waves: Step By Step

The ultimate party hairstyle? Voluptuous waves that you can swing over your shoulders with plenty of bounce. But getting perfect party hair can be easier said than done. That's why we've teamed up with the pros at blow LTD, the experts in fast beauty, to get the step by step on this ultra glam look.

Sexy waves, beachy waves, party waves, Blake Lively waves, whatever you want to call them one thing is for sure - they make us feel incredible. When you've got a pristine head of ready-for-anything waves you can't help but feel beautiful.

Naturally we had to know how to master this look which is where our friends at blow LTD come in handy. They're our go-to's for friendly expert advice on creating stunning hair and make up in a matter of minutes. Luckily they were on hand to give us the low down.

This look requires just a few choice products, but remember for the best results you should wash and condition your hair first then work with it from wet.

You'll need:

Curling tongs
Sea salt hairspray
Volumising mousse

How to create beachy party waves:

1. Wash and condition your hair. While it is still wet run through a volumising mousse at the roots.

2. Spritz through a salt spray.

3. Rough dry your hair.

4. Section it and tong into curls. The smaller the sections the tighter the curls.

5. Spritz some sea salt hairspray onto your hands and run it through your hair.

6. For a more finished look run a brush through your waves to soften them.

Want to see this look take shape? Watch the step by step video below.


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