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Prepare your hair: how to get ready for the big day

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You want to look your best for your big day but if you're not careful wedding hair can take it's toll on your locks. Anita Cox salon franchise owner, Skye Norman, tells us how to prepare our hair for the big day.

- Keep hair in tip top condition.

Due to the harsh effects of the weather, pollution and indoor heating hair needs extra moisture and nourishment in order to keep it looking healthy and on the day of your wedding you want your hair to look its very best.

Whether your hair is in a classic up-do or more relaxed style it needs to have excellent shine and healthy glow. This can be achieved by opting for some in salon treatments running up to the big day. You can also use gloss and shine products to keep the hair looking glossy and sleek all night long.

- Wedding trials - do and don’ts

Make sure you book at least 3 wedding trials before the big day as finding the right
stylist and hair style for you is very important. In your trials you can discuss your ideas and any suggestions from the stylist. The stylists will trial many different shapes and ideas on your hair and by the last trial you should be happy and comfortable with the decisions made.

The last trial should be to discuss and hair accessories or pieces being used and to get an idea of how they will look in the hair. A great tip is to take a camera to get some second opinions on your different styles.

Once you have chosen your stylist make sure they are available on the big day, it is essential to pre-book your stylist for your wedding well in advance to avoid disappointment!

- Choose a style that won’t wilt at the sight of rain.

A sleek fixed up-style would be ideal where wind and rain are quiet likely to play a big part on your big day. Wind-swept loose hair can easily frizz and can be disasterous. A good hairspray such as Air Fix by L’Oreal will help hold your style in place.

- Have your cut and colour at least 2 weeks before your wedding.

This will ensure your hair looks fresh for your wedding day and will give you time for any last minute changes.

- Keeping your up-do in place all day long

To maintain your wedding up-do and keep it secure all day and night your stylist must
start preparing this from the very beginning. Before the hair is dressed into position, the hair has to be lased, backcombed or set in heated curlers as this will give a strong secure base for the grips to lock into.

A good tip is to bend back each end of your grips then place into hair as this creates a firm grasp on the hair stopping any from sliding out.

Fixing spray or other holding products maybe used throughout to ensure your up-do lasts. It is always an excellent idea to take a pocket sized spray with your in case of any touching up needed.

- Common Bridal mistakes

Mistakes are often made when bride's feel they should opt for a different colour or style on their big day. You should keep to the colour that suits you best and maybe change it just slightly to give it an extra edge but changing your hair dramatically just before your wedding can leave you feeling sometimes a little unsure & uncomfortable. Your stylist should give you the best tips and has the knowledge of what really suits you best.

Tips by Skye Norman, franchise owner of Anita Cox salon Chelsea
Call 0207 751 4527 or visit www.anitacox.co.uk for more information on the salons three tiered package for wedding hair.

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