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Prevent split ends: 7 ways to tidy your tresses

by Lareese Craig ,
Prevent split ends: 7 ways to tidy your tresses© Getty

Keeping your locks looking their best can be hard graft, especially when you've got storms and gale force winds to battle with. If you're anything like us, you're sick of letting the weather dictate the state of your tresses so why not stay one step ahead with these seven easy tricks for hair that stays smooth from root to tip whatever the forecast. These top tips will keep split ends and brittle hair at bay, so read on for silky strong tresses.

  1. · Use hair serum to seal in potential split ends
  2. · Wash your hair every other day
  3. · Chose a ‘hair-friendly’ brush or comb
  4. · Try not to tease your hair or backcomb it
  5. · Don’t brush your hair when it’s still wet
  6. · Get your omegas
  7. · Get your hair cut regularly

Believe it or not, even the likes of Kate Middleton and Jennifer Aniston suffer with split ends so you're definitely not alone in your hair nightmare. But there's no need to split hairs (sorry) about this issue, we've got some of the best expert tips on how to prevent and avoid split ends from forming.

It's important to remember that even healthy hair falls victim to breakage but it's how you manage and prevent further damage that really counts.

Everyday heat styling, detangling techniques and overwashing can take their toll on your hair but it's never too late to get to grips with your troublesome tresses.

Maybe you're hooked on backcombing, guilty of avoiding the hairdressers for a quick trim and tidy-up or addicted to that just-washed feeling - whatever bad hair habits you've picked up there's a way to claim back those glossy ends and say so-long to the splits.

Celebrity hairstylist Daniel Johnson's got all the best advice to stop you from getting in a tangle this winter.

Forget dry, brittle, broken ends! Daniel's got the answer to perfectly polished, 'because you're worth it' lengths.

​​Get ready to flick your hair Beyonce style!

Use hair serum to seal in potential split ends

"It's important to learn how to manage your split ends and a protective hair serum is a great place to start. A moisturising serum seals in potential split ends and also protects un-split healthy hair from future breakage. It's a win-win situation."

Wash your hair every other day

"Washing your hair every day might make you feel fresh and clean; however it's worth giving your hair a break and washing every other day (or less) to give it a chance to replace its natural oils. These oils are your hair's biggest and most effective source of protection and are essential for maintaining healthy, strong hair and for avoiding split ends."

We say invest in a gorgeous flowery shower cap and put the hair wash off 'til tomorrow - your oils will love you for it.

Split ends: 7 ways to tidy your tresses © Getty
Split ends: 7 ways to tidy your tresses
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Chose a ‘hair-friendly’ brush or comb

"All brushes are different, and some are gentler on your hair than others. Choose one that works with your hair type, not just one that is ‘on-trend’ or that your friends are buying. Wide-tooth combs tend to be gentler on your hair so I recommend using one instead of a brush."

Try not to tease your hair or backcomb it

"Teasing and backcombing are the most damaging type of brushing as they pull up your hair directly from your scalp. Then, when you comb or brush that section of your hair again, it breaks off. If you can't resist big hair use a volumizing root spray or try blowdrying your hair upside down for a bit of umph."

Don’t brush your hair when it’s still wet

"When your hair is wet, it’s at its most vulnerable. It becomes more ‘elastic’ and pliable so brushing it now can overstretch the hair and cause it to break or split. Wait until it's nearly dry before brushing."

Get your omegas

"Eating a healthy, balanced diet is really important for strengthening your hair. Oily fish such as mackerel, salmon, sardines and tuna are all great for combatting dry and brittle hair as well as adding lustre, shine and elasticity to your locks."

Get your hair cut regularly

"Getting your hair trimmed regularly will encourage hair growth and keep your tresses looking polished by removing your split ends. Every 6-8 weeks is a good estimate to go by, although this will change depending on your hair type, how you treat it and what style you have."

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Lareese Craig
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