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The Hairier The Better: Pubic Hair Transplants Are Now A Thing In Korea

by Lareese Craig ,
The Hairier The Better: Pubic Hair Transplants Are Now A Thing In Korea

While us girls in the UK are willing to get defuzzed, waxed and utterly humiliated - hello bikini wax foetal position - women in Korea want more hair on their lady gardens and they're prepared to pay for it. So let's not beat around the bush - we need to hear more about this!

Hold up. Paying money to have MORE pubic hair added onto your vagina? Most of us zero tolerance types are probably thinking why would you even bother... but for women in Korea pubic hair transplants are fast becoming the in-thing.

While most of would sooner book a gel mani or a massage to make ourselves feel good, Korean woman are looking south for the ultimate self-esteem boost. Eek! We'll never look at our vajayjays in the same way again.

Here's the logistics. A narrow piece of scalp with hair "bulbs" (we're so picturing fairy lights) is transplanted into the public area. Surgeons then divide the hair follicles evenly throughout your nether regions leaving nothing but a lush new pubic do.

Apparently, East Asian women consider a more 'bewhiskered' lady garden a sign of fertility and sexual desirability but for around £1200 we don't think we could ever care for our lady hair quite that much.

Here's a thought, why don't we all stop bush grafting, waxing and shaving and learn to appreciate our lady parts however hairy they come?

So we're asking, would you ever?! Tweet us @sofeminineUK

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