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Rihanna debuts New York Fashion Week mullet

by Lareese Craig ,
Rihanna debuts New York Fashion Week mullet© Getty

Another month, another fashion show, another hairstyle - Rihanna rarely starts the week without a few essential adjustments to her ever changing tresses and New York Fashion Week was the perfect place to debut her growing main show mullet. Who knows what she's going to surprise us with at LFW!

Global superstar and fashionista Rihanna has recently gone all ghetto goth on us with her 80s throwback mullet cut.

Stepping out at New York Fashion Week Ri-Ri made sure she made an impact as she graced the front row with her show stopping hair piece.

It was mix and match as the 25-year-old singer had her hair cut into a cute raven pixie crop with longer glossy tendrils at the nape of her neck.

Her hair stylist must have her work cut out (pun intended).

Rihanna took to Instagram at the weekend to flaunt her retro locks and wrote beside a snap: 'She x #GhettoGoth.'

She completed her ghetto goth glamour look by rocking brown eyeshadow, a deep plum pout and matching mani.

Rihanna debuts New York Fashion Week mullet © Getty
Rihanna debuts New York Fashion Week mullet
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Only Rihanna could pull off such a man-repelling mullet!!

​Thumbs up for fashion forward hair, but no so much for her ill-fitting outfit - kudos for covering up Rihanna but that shapeless dress is a no-go.

The style buff had an off day as she teamed a frumpy satin tea dress with a choker, creepers and polka dot tights. Clearly she didn't run this outfit past Anna Wintour.

It's not our fave look but we're glad she's changing things up and exploring other fully-clothed avenues. Next time ditch the clumpy shoes and spotty stockings, eh?

Some things just can't be fashioned into a street style ensemble Rihanna, a ladylike dress should stay ladylike.

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Lareese Craig
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