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Rita Ora's at it again! Singer dyes hair pink and blue

by Lareese Craig ,
Rita Ora's at it again! Singer dyes hair pink and blue© Rita Ora Insragram

She's held onto her blonde hair for all of about a week now so a colour change was definitely on the hair horizon. Rita Ora's traded in her iconic curly bob for a double dip dye 'do with hot pink ends and candy roots. Oh, and just because the pink thing wasn't quite daring enough, she threw in some Katy Perry blue as well. The result? Rainbow Rita!

There was once a time when letting your little sister loose on your hair was an obvious no-no unless you wanted a multi-coloured bowl cut.

Bowl cut aside, that's exactly the look Rita Ora requested for her latest hair transformation. She's hit the bottle (or three) again and this time it's all about the colour contrast.

She's already done yellow, toyed with the idea of pink streaks and gone all granny with a blue rinse but this time she's fully committed to a colour change.

The 22-year-old singer's gone all My Little Pony with candy pinks, cotton blues and bushy tail ends. Well someone had to reinvent the ombre trend.

In theory, this look should never work but when you're a try-anything-once kinda girl a la Rita Ora there's nothing too cool for school.

With stubby, rough-cut ends her new mane is all about hair chalk chic.

We know what these celebrities are like for taking hair selfies and tricking us with wig pranks (Rochelle Humes, we're talking about you!) but we're pretty sure this one's the real deal.

What do you think of Rita's latest hair makeover? My Little Pony pretty or no way neigh? Tweet us @sofeminine

Lareese Craig
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