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Everyone Is Losing Their Minds Over This Video Showing What Cheap Shampoo Does To Your Hair

by Lareese Craig ,
Everyone Is Losing Their Minds Over This Video Showing What Cheap Shampoo Does To Your Hair

We all know colouring your hair takes time, money and a hell of a lot of maintenance, so you can't blame a girl for reaching for the cheaper shampoo over the luxury salon offering. A girl's gotta eat and everything, ya know? But after watching this video, we might think twice and dig deep for the expensive stuff next time round.

Dyeing ya hair is a big investment isn't it? Whether it's balayage, a 360 restyle or touching up your roots, it's one of the most expensive outgoings we have the pleasure of forking out for. Sure, the coffee, mags and delicious Lotus biscuits are pretty damn good (and we're not suggesting for a second that you take that away from us) BUT, when all is said and done and we've handed over our souls, we really can't justify splashing the cash on a fancy shampoo to match our new sassy barnet.

For that reason, as much as we'd lurve to lather our locks in pricey bubbles 24/7, cheap shampoo is our hair hero. At least it was, until we watched this video exposing the very pitfalls of purse-friendly shampers. Gulp.

Beauty salon owner, Rachel Trach, uploaded the video to her Facebook page and shows her carrying out a lil experiment using the Unite 7 Seconds Shampoo £19.95 and one of the Tresemmé shampoos. After putting each of the products into two different glasses of water, she adds what looks like a coloured strand of hair.

Once immersed in the water, you begin to see how each of the shampoos affect the colour on the strand of hair and there's no surprises as to which one came out on top. Yep, turns out there's a reason why you have to splash out a bit more on the fancy brands.

As you can see, when she added the hair to the glass with the Unite shampoo in it, the water didn't change colour but the one with the Tresemmé shampoo appears to strip the hair dye straight from the hair, turning the water a bright purple colour. Oh, we've been washing our hair the wrong way all this time.

The video's already racked up more than 5.3 million views, with the interweb lighting up with praise for expensive shampoos over drug store alternatives. Ok ok, we get it, we'll be budgeting an extra £20 for our next salon trip *hides all receipts from the boyf*.

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