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Shampooing your hair

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Shampooing your hair

Your hair is your crowning glory and perfect hair starts with perfect washing! Here's how to take care of your locks so that they breathe, shine and look impeccable when styled.

1: Use shampoo for your hair type

Choose a special shampoo for your hair type (normal, greasy, dry, fine, frizzy or coloured).


Because the active ingredients are formulated to take care of the specific types of hair capillaries.

2: Wash according to hair type

- Greasy hair suffers from over-production of sebum that irritates the scalp. You need to wash greasy hair regularly but gently to cleanse your hair, but at the same time you need to be gentle on the pH of the skin on your scalp.

- Dry hair doesn't produce enough sebum, which makes the hair follicles open and the capillary fibre rough instead of smooth. It needs moisturising and nourishing as well as cleansing, to make it soft and shiny.

- Coloured hair is delicate after treatment with dye or highlights. It's essential to use a special shampoo on coloured hair so that it retains its colour and shine.

- These types aren't mutually exclusive: fine, frizzy and coloured hair can also be dry, greasy and normal! Keep your hair in mint condition and health by alternating shampoos and special treatments with different functions, for example use shampoo for coloured hair with a nourishing mask for fine, frizzy hair.

3: How often to shampoo?

- Wash your hair regularly but not too regularly, because over-washing kills your hair's natural self defences.

- Ideally, wash your hair twice a week (whatever your hair type).

- The golden rule is not to use too much of any product, because products attack the capillary fibre in your hair over time.

- If you have a specific problem (hair loss, very greasy or damaged hair) use a targeted shampoo, preferably from a pharmacy, and if you see a dermatologist, ask for advice.

4: Shampoo your hair properly

- Start by wetting your hair under the shower or by dipping your head in the bathwater.

- Squeeze a blob of shampoo into the palm of your hand and apply to your hair.

- Apply a little more water, lather up and massage. To give yourself a feeling of well-being, concentrate on certain areas: apply pressure to the sides of your head and your crown with your fingertips and work downward to the nape of your neck to activate your microcirculation.

- Rinse and add just a drop more shampoo for a second wash.

- Rinse again thoroughly in hot and then lukewarm water, until your hair makes a squeaky noise when you rub it between your fingers!

- Finish with a blast of cold water to close your follicles and add shine.

5: Extra tips

- If your hair is very dry, you can use a mask as a shampoo. Leave it to act for a few minutes, lather with a little water and rinse.

- If your hair gets tangled easily, use conditioner, leave it to act for a moment and rinse thoroughly.

- If your hair is dull, add some vinegar to your rinsing water for guaranteed shine.

6: Drying

- Towel-dry your hair well, brush or comb, and rub the lengths again with another dry towel.

- If you have curly or frizzy hair, let it dry naturally. Don't use a hairdryer, otherwise your hair may look wild with too much volume.

- Use a dryer with a thermostat if you have long, straight hair, and brush or comb as you blow-dry.

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