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Should I Get A Fringe? All Your Questions Answered!

by Pascale Day ,
Should I Get A Fringe? All Your Questions Answered!© Pinterest

While it might seem like giving yourself a spontaneous new fringe is a good idea after a Saturday night in drinking wine and watching YouTube tutorials, we can categorically tell you that it is not. There are so many things that can go wrong with a DIY fringe, and that's all before you come to the conclusion that bangs don't even suit you. But, if you wanna do a fringe right, we've got your back. Neat, messy, long, short: we give you all the advice you need.

  1. · Does a fringe suit everyone?
  2. · Does my face shape matter?
  3. · Should I cut my fringe myself?
  4. · Take a look at some of our fave fringes for new 'do inspo:

Does a fringe suit everyone?

In short, yes. There are so many different styles of fringe that, even if one style doesn't suit you, another will. But there are a lot of things to take into consideration when deciding which one is for you: what type of hair do you have? What's the cut like? How short is it? What shape face do you have? Which is why bangs on a whim is a no-no in the hair world.

If you have very curly hair, you need to think this whole fringe thing through. If you fancy yourself with a thick, straight fringe you may need to have a rethink, because your curly locks aren't going to stay straight and sleek for long unless you're willing to work for it. So if you like your lie-ins, then maybe forgo the fringe, because you're going to be getting up earlier that usual to accommodate your new 'do. BUT. That is not to say that you, Curly Sue, do not deserve a fringe. And good news: word on the street is that 2017 is set to be the return of the shag, in which a curly fringe is key. We say, just make it a lil longer than usual. You gotta think of the bounce, after all.

Straight-haired ladies might have more luck with a fringe in terms of diversity. Long, short, parted, baby bangs aren't hard to achieve when your hair complies, but if you're a gal that doesn't like to wash her hair too much, you must remember that a fringe is the first thing to get greasy, and it gets greasy real quick. Sometimes it's like, you've just got out the shower and already it's getting a bit stringy. But bangs are there to be experimented with, so try out a few different looks to find out what suits you best.

Does my face shape matter?

To get the best bangs for your buck, it's important to take into consideration your face shape so you can tailor your new fringe accordingly. If you have a round face like Christina Ricci, make sure that your bangs stop at the outer corner of your eyes, in order to avoid accentuating a wide forehead. If you have a more square face a la Jenna Coleman, opt for more of a Brigitte Bardot fringe. You've already got that awesome jawline, so don't make it look too harsh with an equally straight cut fringe. You need one that's a little less heavy and easy to push around into a side or middle parting. The same goes for longer faces - try Alexa Chung's modern Bardot on for size. If you have an oval face, then you are The Chosen One. Yes, you have a face that is symmetrical as hell, and therefore can rock any fringe you desire. Have fun with it, get freaky with it. Do whatever you like with your bangs, because it's pretty much guaranteed that it's going to suit you.

Should I cut my fringe myself?

HELL. NO. Whatever you do, do not cut your fringe yourself! No matter how much your friends tell you you're "good with hair" or how many times you've watched that video called "How To Cut PERFECT Bangs!!" It's not going to end well for you. But, if you've already had the fringe cut in and just need a little trim in between salon appointments, then steady your hand and grab yourself some scissors, friend.

The best way to do this is to ensure that you don't get too snip-happy. Whilst it takes a bit longer, it's best to trim your fringe slowly, bit by bit, until you have it the length you desire. ​If it's just a trim you're going for, then it's best to do it on dry hair, so you can instantly see what it looks like on an everyday basis. Wet hair can sometimes fool you into thinking your hair is longer than it actually is when it's dry. Pull your bangs downwards between two fingers and rest them on the tip of your nose, then cut - carefully!

To style your newly lopped locks, get yourself a plethora of different styling treatments to try out some new and exciting ways to style your fringe. Try sea salt spray or mousse for texture and always - ALWAYS - remember to have some dry shampoo in your bag - you're going to need it more often than you think!

Take a look at some of our fave fringes for new 'do inspo:

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Do you have any advice for those contemplating a fringe? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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