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The Latest Beauty Trend Is Tortoiseshell Hair

by Lareese Craig ,
The Latest Beauty Trend Is Tortoiseshell Hair

It's been all about ombre for the last ten hundred seasons, or so it seems, but we knew the time would come when the global trend would dye-down, or at least get a makeover. This time round it's gone all tortoiseshell on us with dulcet hues and incognito highlights, and spoiler it's HOT. Think mottled manes and natural sun-kissed tresses a la Jessica Alba. Autumn hair just got even hotter.

Celebrities are digging the new ombre trend with everyone from Jessica Alba and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley snapping up a salon trip for tortoiseshell tresses.

Colour Specialist Jo Hansford launched the new Ecaille treatment hot off the back of London Fashion Week so we have her to thank for the new-ecaille craze.

Ecaille (which means tortoiseshell in French) is a softer, more grown-up take on the stark ombre trend which we've been rocking all summer, and thanking for letting roots become acceptable.

Senior Colourist Jaclyn Smith says: "Ecaille is a healthy and glossy update for ombre fans of those who felt it was too stark for their style. Ecaille gives hair a soft, multi-tonal look without any harsh lines to compliment your natural tones."

Unlike ombre, the Ecaille style is less two-tone and more multi-tonal with a glossy finish perfect for our dry post-summer holiday hair.

The natural colour-rich shades will warm any complexion and there's a blend to suit all whether you're an English rose or a glowy olive.

If you're a blonde bombshell seeking a bright update opt for a Winter Blitz Lights treatment or Colour Voila for a polished pick-me-up.

Brunettes can go for warming chocolate hues or Ecaille Matte teamed with a blurry ash to add cool undertones.

Say bye bye to streaky highlights and wash-you-out hair colours, this look aims to brighten your skin tone with autumnal hues.

Wanna know another reason to join the tortoiseshell trend? The technique used aims to give your tired tresses some serious winter loving with flashes of warmth.

Check out the gallery of celebs snapping their tortoiseshell tresses

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Prices start from £200, visit johansford.com for more information

Will you be ditching the ombre and trying out the tortoiseshell? No lettuce leaves necessary! Tweet us your thoughts @sofeminineuk

Lareese Craig
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