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Immoral Returns, eBaying & Free Drinks? 10 Clever Ways Girls Beat The System

by Vivian KELLY ,
Immoral Returns, eBaying & Free Drinks? 10 Clever Ways Girls Beat The System© We Heart It

Ladies, it’s time to come face to face with the truth. Women want, well, everything. Whether it’s a hot new dress for Saturday night or a bit of extra cash to see you through the month, we are in no way accepting anything less than what we want. But we can’t do it without a little help, of course. Here are 10 clever ways women beat the system (to get anything and everything)…

  1. · Selling crap on eBay
  2. · The ‘vintage’ label
  3. · Making immoral returns
  4. · Boots offers
  5. · Travelling in packs
  6. · Blagging taxis
  7. · Free drinks
  8. · Ordering water…
  9. · Knocking down Primark prices (despite being dirt cheap anyway)
  10. · Stealing hotel amenities

1. Selling crap on eBay

Whether someone bought you a really crappy Christmas gift or you never wore that dress you bought in the January sale last year, when it comes to needing a bit of extra dough, us girls don’t think twice about selling our unwanted things. Business women indeed.

2. The ‘vintage’ label

When we’re really desperate to sell stuff, we’re obviously going to label everything as 'vintage'. Remember, vintage is the new modern.

3. Making immoral returns

We want a new going out dress for Friday night but there’s no way we’re wearing that dress from last week. Dresses have short lifetimes in our wardrobe so what do we do when we need a new one, but can't possibly afford it?

​Buy and return! I may or may not have returned THAT dress I chundered on and hand washed with no fragrance washing liquid.

4. Boots offers

Everyone knows that when you buy your drugstore beauty bits, it’s gonna be from Boots…3 for 2 across all beauty? Hell yes we’re gonna buy. We’ll also make sure the one we get free isn’t just a £1 save either. Us girls make the most of offers.

5. Travelling in packs

Women work as a team on GNO. All we have to do is look good and feel good and bat our eyelashes a little bit. Girls take priority when it comes to nightclubs and lets be honest, we do take advantage.

6. Blagging taxis

We’re not going be charged ONE pound to run back in the house and grab our ID. Instead, we’ll ask the taxi man how his day was and emotionally mess with him until he's our new bestie. Works every time.

7. Free drinks

We’re not made of money. If we’re on GNO and we happen to walk along the bar and someone happens to asks us if we want a drink, we’d be silly to say no, right?

8. Ordering water…

...at Nando’s and then filling it up with lemonade. Seriously, who’s gonna know?

9. Knocking down Primark prices (despite being dirt cheap anyway)

Why buy 1 top when you can get 10 at Primarni? If it has the tiniest nick or make up stain on it we WILL lie and say there are no other sizes left on the rack. That's an extra 10% off - ca ching!

10. Stealing hotel amenities

When we’re on holiday there’s no way we’re leaving that hotel without taking every single tiny product we can find. Our mums used to do it and so do we. The traditions lives on.

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Vivian KELLY
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