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ASOS Is Now Selling Makeup For Men Because It's 2017 & Guys Deserve To Glow Too

by Lareese Craig ,
ASOS Is Now Selling Makeup For Men Because It's 2017 & Guys Deserve To Glow Too

Men have been wearing makeup for years and now we're in 2017, it's about time we catered to their needs because, let's face it, some of these guys are better at makeup than we'll ever be. Let's give ASOS an almighty pat on the back then for getting the shimmery, highlighted ball rolling. They're now stocking men's makeup brand MMUK Man and it shouldn't be groundbreaking but IT IS.

You may have noticed that lined lips, carved brows and shimmering cheekbones aren't just reserved for those of us with vaginas nowadays because 2017 is about progress in both directions. S/o to Tesco for just announcing they're going to be paying tampon tax on our behalf - you heroes, you.

While guys are of course free to shop the makeup products marketed for women too, it would be nice if they had a little recognition within the beauty industry all for themselves, wouldn't it?

Put your hands together for ASOS then who have just started selling makeup for men because guys want to look their best every day, too.

The collection by the well-established beauty brand MMUK Man includes concealer, beard and brow filler and mascara - which means their naturally fuller, curly af lashes are now going to rival ours even more. But that's a compromise us girls are willing to make in the name of progress.

Since their launch in 2012, MMUK Man has been one of the first brands to challenge gender stereotypes and represent the guys of the globe that like under-eye coverage and a kohl guyliner as much as they like a round of golf.

ASOS now stocks 10 items from the brand, with price points ranging from £14 to £37.50 - it seems makeup brushes will always cost a small fortune whether you're a man or a woman.

Alex Daley, MMUK Man's co-founder, told Metro: "We’ve been trying to get men’s makeup into the mainstream for the past five years and the launch at ASOS is a massive breakthrough not only for our brand but for the male beauty industry as a whole.

"Men have been dabbling in men’s concealer and foundation for many years now, but on the whole stealing their wife’s, girlfriend’s or sister’s. Now that there’s a brand dedicated for them that could even soon hit the high streets, they’re almost certainly going to want to start collecting their own products."

The only thing we're concerned about is sharing the bathroom in the morning. Bravo ASOS - and to all the other retailers, we hope you're making detailed notes (with lipstick).

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