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6 Of Beauty's Biggest Taboos To Try This Year

by Pascale Day ,
6 Of Beauty's Biggest Taboos To Try This Year

Make-up is no fun unless you're breaking a few rules, right? When it comes to our beauty regimes, there's way too many faux pas to dodge, but here's the thing: What if 2017 was the year we embraced the taboo and made it our own? If it ain't broke don't fix it, but if it is broke, try it anyway - you might surprise yourself. And after seeing Lily Collins rocking a red lip with a pink eye at the Golden Globes recently, we say there's no time like the present to get a little risky with your routine

  1. · Blue Eyeshadow
  2. · Red Lip with Pink Eyes
  3. · Red Eyeshadow
  4. · Bold Eye / Bold Lip
  5. · White Eyeliner
  6. · No Makeup

Nobody ever got anywhere in life by playing it safe. You have to take a few risks sometimes. And if jumping out of a plane isn't your style, we recommend that you add a little thrill to your makeup routine by stepping outside of your beauty comfort zone to try a couple of these taboo makeup trends:

Blue Eyeshadow

If there's anyone that can restore our faith in a makeup faux pas, it's Gigi Hadid. Blue eyeshadow has never quite hit the spot no matter what decade it comes around, but we have a feeling that this electric blue is something we can actually get on board with. We're not sure if we can get away with a red lip and a blue eye - we might have to leave that to Miss Gigi - she's the professional after all.

Red Lip with Pink Eyes

Lily Collins can do no wrong in our books. So we may be a tiny bit biased, but we think her Golden Globes look on Sunday was one of her best ones to date, especially because she dared to clash a pink eyeshadow with a red lip. In fact, even the way Lily's eye makeup was done is kinda taboo: Her makeup artist Fiona Stiles created the dusty pink look using lip liner and blush! If you're keen on trying this petal pink and blood red mashup, head over to Fiona's Instagram, where she gives you the full low-down on how to re-create Lily's look.

Red Eyeshadow

A red eye has long had the association with tiredness and sickness, but recently makeup artists have been working hard to switch up this connotation. And the great thing is, a red eye suits every skin colour, so literally everyone and anyone can pull it off with finesse. Celebs that have endorsed a red eye include Solange Knowles, Cara Delevingne, Selena Gomez and Lupita Nyong'o. Kristen Stewart rocked a red eye so hard that Chanel used her for a "Red Power" beauty talk and tutorial on their Chanel.


Bold Eye / Bold Lip

Okay so we know we're majorly crushing on Lily Collins today but damn, Fiona Stiles just knows how to make a taboo work! In her latest trick, Stiles has adorned Collins with the ultimate in beauty sins: the bright eye, bright lip combo. This all-inclusive look is risky business because too much makeup on the eyes and lips can often result in "The Ventriloquist Dummy": A heavy-duty beauty look that can end up looking kinda sinister. But Miss Lily has got this thing down. Whether it's a neon eye and a bright red lip or a dark, vampy combo, these looks are guaranteed to get heads turning in your direction for all the right reasons.

White Eyeliner

White eyeliner has a bad rep for being trashy but guys, you need to give it a chance. A white eye done right is just gorge. And it can totally make you look more awake - which I think we can admit we all need before nine in the morning. From a pale shimmer on the lid to a bold slash of white across the waterline, white is way more versatile than we all give it credit for. Give it a go and don't be scared to get fierce with it, when it comes to the white stuff, you can't really go wrong.

No Makeup

In 2016 Alicia Keys started living everyone's dream like by turning up to every event with a bare face and not giving two f*cks about it. She is our makeup muse, life guru and spirit animal all rolled into one. But why not try her new beauty regime out for yourself this year? It'll save you a bunch of time and money, and we bet it feels pretty liberating. If it's good enough for Miss Keys, it's good enough for us.

Which make-up rules will you be breaking? Let us know! @soFeminineUK

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