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This Make-up Artist's Genius Glitter Face Will Make You Shine Brighter this Party Season

by Helen Turnbull ,
This Make-up Artist's Genius Glitter Face Will Make You Shine Brighter this Party Season© Katie Butt/Instagram

You know what they say: if in doubt, throw glitter at it. They don't but we do and it's a mantra make-up artist Katie Butt applies to her work and we're all the better off for it. If you want to look more sparkly than the sparkliest thing in the history of sparkly things this Christmas, her glitter face tutorial will do just that.

Glitter has been the light in the dark that is 2016 but the end is nigh and we're ending on a high (rhyme not intended). Enter: Katie Butt. The British make-up artist has outsmarted all glitter fads that have come before to bring us the best micro trend yet - the glitter face.

Glitter face does exactly what it says in the Instagram caption of the make-up tutorial Katie has shared on her Instagram account which is a must-watch for the magpies among you. Granted, the beauty blogger's look requires a little more skill and patience than simply dipping your foundation brush into a jar of tiny metallic shards but that could have a similar effect. Katie's finished look is a sight to behold - if glitter contouring don't impress you much, you've come to the wrong place. But if you're brave enough to try the bronze-statute look yourself, Katie has helpfully listed every single product you'll need alongside the video below. Watch and learn...

So go forth and rub your face in craft-shop glitter and be the talking point of your office Christmas party for the right reason for a change. Quite LITerally.

Will you be lighting up the Christmas-party scene with this glittery genius? Let us know @soFeminineUK

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