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Forget Twinkly Roots And Sparkly Beards - Glitter Tears Is The Latest Trend To Be Crying Over

by Pascale Day ,
Forget Twinkly Roots And Sparkly Beards - Glitter Tears Is The Latest Trend To Be Crying Over© Instagram

If you can imagine the fashionistas at NYFW crying over fabrics and call times, what do you think that would look like? We think we've got it figured out guys: glitter tears. They're fabulous and over the top, just the way we like them. Fabulous darling.

The collective fashion weeks are the ideal time to start trying out new crazy fashion and beauty techniques, right? Well, it would seem that way for Elle Fanning, who turned up at the Yves Saint Laurent show on Wednesday looking like she'd been awake since last Wednesday, but it turns out it's just a clever new makeup trick known as 'glitter tears'.

Elle isn't the only sparkly cryer to try out the new trend. Suki Waterhouse also pulled off the look at the 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' premiere, although it has to be said, Elle's dark, smudgy look might have been more appropriate than the delicate triangles of gold glitter than Suki donned, considering the theme of the film. Whilst Suki looked like Tinkerbell had done a cute sneeze on her face, Elle's take on the tear trend was much more glam zombie.

Glitter tears have slowly been meandering down our faces and into our fashion magazines since way back in October 2015 when it first appeared on Christy Turlington on the front cover of Vogue Paris, and has now (s)weeped it's way across the beauty landscape of Instagram. Just hashtagging #GlitterTears on Insta brings up a whole plethora of sparkly cry marks of all colours, shapes and sizes.

To make yourself look like you've been crying the tears of a unicorn it might seem like a simple case of throwing the sparkly stuff at your peepers but alas, glitter tears are quite the skill to master. Suki's makeup artist Wendy Rowe says on her website that to create the look she simply used a combo of glitter and glitter glue and just tapped it on top of the foundation in the shape of a messy teardrop, but for those of us who are slaves to hair and makeup tutorials on YouTube know it is never as easy as 'just' tapping it on top of foundation. A browse through the many Instagram copycats shows that sometimes glitter tears can get out of control and go horribly wrong. But if you do get them on point they can look totally haaaat. Here's the pick of our favourites for you to master.

Packing plastic. Fucking fantastic. #GlitterTears

A photo posted by Rianna (@eye_browss) on Feb 12, 2016 at 7:21pm PST

What do you think of glitter tears? Hot or not? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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