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Celebrities With Perfectly Big Brows: From Cara Delevingne To Demi Lovato

by Lareese Craig ,
Celebrities With Perfectly Big Brows: From Cara Delevingne To Demi Lovato© Getty

Cara Delevingne might STILL be your original inspiration for brows but there's a few celebs on her tail. There's plenty of A-listers out there who make us green-eyed with envy for their big eyebrows. From Keira Knightley and her thick and fab pair to Audrey Hepburn and her short angled style. Shaped, unkempt, arched or straight, check out the stars with big eyebrows that are inspiring our beauty regimes day in, day out.

She's been topping the brow charts since she burst onto the fashion scene but Cara Delevingne's got her work cut out if she's to stay at number one.

Enter Lily Collins, Keira Knightley, Emma Watson and Kim Kardashian - oh yes our brow icons stretch far beyond the runway.

In fact, way back when, Audrey Hepburn was the woman to watch - she set a trend for shading in your brows and penciling a tapered finish.

But these days there's a slew of new celebs who are all boldly boasting their brows. It's a look that's set to be a big beauty trend throughout 2014 and beyond, so if you haven't already got on board with big eyebrows, now's the time to master them.

Here's our gallery of the ultimate celebs with big eyebrows:

Dua Lipa © Getty
Dua Lipa
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Our beauty team's top brow tips:

1. Spend time shading in your brows and experimenting with different tones. If pencil looks too harsh try using eyeshadow for a softer, more natural look.

2. Look to Lily Collins for a modern brown crush. She goes all out with her statement pair. They're thick, long, dark and bushy - the perfect compliment to her creamy porcelain skin.

3. Avoid removing the tufts of hair between your brows like Lily for a sexy unkempt look but avoid the mono brow at all costs, that's never cool.

4. Bigger brows are definitely the in-thing right now but remember the 90s? Back then it was a case of the thinner the better so it's worth remembering that if your thin brows can't manage to beef up, stay safe in the knowledge that you're ahead of the trends.

5. For a beautiful winter look try roughing up your brows by combing the hair backwards and then setting in place with a swipe of Vaseline - it's a gorgeous winter look.

6. Make sure you get your eyebrow shape right. Read our tips on eyebrow shaping and don't forget that when shaped correctly your brows can give you a whole new look!

Watch our beauty editor create big brows in our video:


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