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This Woman Makes Miniature Art On Her Eyelids And It's Incredible

by Pascale Day ,
This Woman Makes Miniature Art On Her Eyelids And It's Incredible© instagram/georginaryland

Let's be honest, most of us struggle with even the simplest of makeup skills. Contouring? Nah. Matching eyebrows? No way. Eyeliner? FORGET IT. So when Georgina Ryland comes along with perfect, tiny masterpieces on her eyelids, it gives us ultimate makeup envy.

Georgina Ryland is an award-winning makeup artist, body painter and prosthetics artist from Brisbane, Australia. But when she's not busy working, she's showing off her stupendous makeup skills on Instagram, that put our eyeshadow blending skills to shame.

​From Van Gough to Monet, Georgina is able to recreate tiny pieces of art on her eyelids. So much for our patchy eyeshadow, huh? She also features on her Insta a whole bevy of her own creations: tiny ocean waves, a cute row of dinky cats, a fruit basket and a row of sweets. Her creations are out of this world - sometimes literally, like in this picture's case:

Georgina doesn't stop at her eyes. She also does weird and wonderful patterns on her lips, like this geometric beauty:

And this dreamy sky-inspired creation:

She also does some ridiculously good chest and back art, which gives her a bit more space to be creative - check out this magnificent tree....

.... This sinking ship....

.... And these creepy gills.

​I mean, they don't pay Georgina the big bucks to half-arse a job do they? Which is why she can also create this hella scary lion face.

Good luck sleeping tonight, guys.

What do you think of Georgina's creations? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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