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Why Layering Is The Holy Grail Of Skin Care Routines

by Lareese Craig Published on 04/03/2016 at 16:00
Why Layering Is The Holy Grail Of Skin Care Routines © weheartit

We're told so many different skin care dos and don'ts that we're getting all confused in the end, we don't know whether to give up altogether and just stick to nan's no-faff soap and water recipe. Hey, it's worked for her all these years! But apparently, layering is the trick we've been missing all this time. Dr Murad (we love this guy) tells us more about the latest way to get the most out of your skin care...

From eye creams and serums to SPF and oils and antioxidants, there's so many skincare ingredients out there to choose from and only one face to put it on. No wonder we're quick to slap on some natural coconut oil instead and slither off to bed leaving a slimy trail all over our pillows.

But apparently there's a super simple answer to our skincare dilemma after all: introducing layering. In laymen's terms, it involves layering up your skin with various tiers of product to give it that extra protection, hydration and TLC.

Dr Murad tells us everything we need to know about the skin care method that will give you one very happy complexion. Listen up...

What is it?

"Layering is great if you are looking to resolve multiple skin issues such as dehydration and pigmentation or just-have excessively dry skin and are looking for an added boost under your moisturiser. Layering products is not a problem unless more than one of the steps are very exfoliating, so look for specific layering products like an essence or a booster."

What are the benefits of layering?

"Every time you introduce an extra product into your regime, you are getting additional benefits. Not only are you benefiting from the ingredients in the extra product, but if you spritz the skin with a toner before you apply a serum for example, you are preparing the skin for the next product which will improve its absorption and in turn improve its performance."

Is it suitable for all skin types?

"Absolutely yes, it just depends on the individual's skincare concerns as this would affect the products you choose."

What's the right way to layer your skin? In what order are you supposed to layer?

"It's less about the texture of the product and more about its purpose. I would recommend using cleansing products first to give skin a deep clean, followed by your treatment products to target your skin concerns, followed by a product to hydrate and protect. Most importantly, do not forget to apply a layer of SPF!"

How many layers would you recommend?

"This is completely up to the client, and is down to personal preference, however at Murad we have a 3 step regime. Step one is cleanse and tone, step two is treat and repair and step three is hydrate and protect so, at a minimum, we recommend those three steps. We have enough products in the range that we could offer up to 10 layers that would be suitable for every skin type and would include a cleanse, tone, mask, eye cream, moisturiser and more! However 10 might be a little overwhelming for some skin types."

We say take the minimal approach and go for multi-tasking products such as moisturiser that already contains SPF or a serum that tackles fine lines and hydration - less time layering means more time for Netflix right? #BadBeautyJournalist

How much time do you need to allow between each product?

“If you are using a product that is correct for your skin type, I would advise allowing a couple of minutes between each product to let it fully absorb into the skin. If the product is sitting on the skin and doesn’t absorb it might be the wrong product for your skin type.”

Can you do it at night too?


Would you change anything for the night time routine?

“I would definitely recommend incorporating a mask into your evening regime, choose something nourishing to encourage skin to heal and repair. While you sleep, all of the systems in the body repair and regenerate themselves; the skin detoxifies itself overnight too so it’s a good opportunity to help it do this effectively.”

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