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How To Have Beautiful Nails, Wherever You Are

by Ursula Dewey ,
How To Have Beautiful Nails, Wherever You Are© Ashley Austin

Want to have gorgeous nails on the go? A perfect pedi? A flawless mani? If you live in London the chances are you're a girl on the go with not enough time to go to the nail bar on the regular. That's why we've become nothing short of obsessed with a new bespoke beauty service, Prettly. Here's why it's about to be added to your bookmark list.

Let's face it - having perfect nails does NOT come naturally to all of us. Some of us require a professional touch.

Whether you're lethal with a pot of polish or just can't stay still long enough for your paintwork to dry, if you're anything like us, professional nail attention is the only way forward.

For years we've struggled through evenings putting on polish, smudging it, removing it, reapplying, messing it up, removing, reapplying, knocking it... before having a full on fume induced tantrum and vowing never to DIY it again.

That's why a lump came to our throats when we realised someone else had felt our pain. And had answered our nail prayers by setting up a whole company dedicated to diverting nail dramas and pamper meltdowns.
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Enter, Prettly. This nifty new site offers Londoners manicures and pedicures on the go. You simply check out their site, pick a time for your treatment (they also do massages) and pick a place. And here's the fun bit. No matter if you want to have someone come to your out-of-the-way office at lunch time or visit you post work in the comfort of your own home or any other place you happen to be, as long as you have a towel and a table to hand, the Prettly therapists can go there.

(It also has to be in London of course...)

This mobile wellness company makes on-demand treatments possible. No matter if you have just decided you want nice nails NOW goddamit, you can pretty much have them! You simply pay on line when you book and wait for your professional to arrive to transform you.

We tried the service and had, hands down, (no pun intended) the best manicure ever! And that is saying something. The attention to detail is crazy, the finish is perfect and the way the manicure lasts? Better than you could have hoped!

You can choose from a classic mani or pedi or a Shellac version, a standard massage or a premium massage too (they offer Thai, Deep Tissue, Holistic and Reflexology) - it's really up to you.

The best thing about it? It's all on your terms. No crossing town in the rain to get to that nail bar, no hours of searching online for availability...

Beauty that arrives at your doorstep? We are SO on board with that.

Check out Prettly.com for more info.

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Ursula Dewey
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