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How To Take The Perfect No Makeup Selfie

by Lareese Craig ,
How To Take The Perfect No Makeup Selfie© Instagram

Makeup-free pics of mascara-less eyes peeping out from under duvets and dressing gown shots over breakfast are filling our Instagram feeds, and we're totally here for it, because there's really no better look than the natural look. But how can we nail it? There has to be a more glamorous way of showing off our warts and all! Here's how to nail the #nomakeupselfie and still look hot.as.hell.

Who better to glean some selfie tips from than celebs? These famous Instagram addicts are always posting selfie pouts, look-at-me poses and flawless faces, and now that the #nomakeupselfie trend is gathering speed we need to know how to perfect our selfie pics. (Disclaimer, some of the celebrities in the pics below will be wearing makeup but that doesn't mean we can't steal a selfie trick or two.)

Know your angle

If you wanna make the most of your natural beauty it's worth knowing your good side from your bad. Suck in your cheeks a little, turn your head like an adorable puppy and lift that chin. What's a girl gotta do without contouring makeup?

Filters are your best friend

Never attempt a no makeup selfie without a helping hand from Instagram. The failsafe filters to live by? Amaro, Rise and Mayfair are great for bleaching those pearly whites and highlighting your best bits. A smooth, flawless complexion is just a swipe away.

Get the lighting right

You wanna strike a balance between flash bulb bright and lurking in the shadows. Too bright and your features will disappear, leaving just a pair of teeth a la Ross from Friends and the fake tan incident. Too dark and you may as well be sitting with a sheet over your head. Love the light people.

No duck face

Pulling a duck face pose might give you amazing cheekbones but you'll also fail to look a) normal b) comfortable. Just don't do it. Try putting your tongue to the roof of your mouth and smiling a little for a natural cheeks in, lips out pose. Much better. You'd think Kim knew this already!

Skincare is your saving grace

Nobody said anything about skipping skincare. Get soaking those pores in some face plumping moisturiser for a lovely dewy glow or better still stick on a face mask on Miranda Kerr #itsnotcheating we swear.


AKA smiling with your eyes. It sounds crazy but it's actually a thing and it works. Just watch Tyra Banks in action...


Pinch your cheeks

No one wants to look like they've had a sickness bug for the last two days but there's only so much you can do without fake tan and blusher. It's time to get old school. Pinch your cheeks and pretend you're Keira Knightley in Pride & Prejudice.

Make under your tresses

If you're going to pull off a no makeup selfie you have to make the most of your locks. Go for loose, undone, boudoir chic rather than over styled prom hair. No one wants to look like they're entering Crufts.

Get some cute Pjs

Chances are you're going to be fresh out the shower, tucked up in bed or just waking up for your fresh faced photo so pretty pyjamas are a must. Forget your favourite threadbare pair and opt for the new ones you've just bought for weekends away. We know you do it.

Nail it with accessories and manis

So you're not wearing makeup but you didn't just get a gel mani for nothing. Get those tip top talons in shot, throw on a few midi rings and Voila! No one's looking at your black circles and spots now.

Have you taken your no makeup selfie yet? What are your best tips? Tweet us your pic @sofeminineUK

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