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Face Diving Is The Latest Korean Beauty Hack For Budge-Proof Matte Makeup

by Lareese Craig ,
Face Diving Is The Latest Korean Beauty Hack For Budge-Proof Matte Makeup

Contrary to its name, the Korean face diving technique that goes by the name of 'Jamsu' has nothing to do with smothering your face in jam and getting a woman named Su to add clotted cream. No, because that would be strange. It actually just means dunking your head into a bowl of water to set your makeup. Well, that's a minor relief. Snorkelling masks at the ready!

Any girl who has ever worn or touched makeup knows that, ordinarily, water is our nemesis. Ain't nothing that'll make your contoured, baked and highlighted cheeks go hella patchy quite like a drop of rain water or a sloppy kiss. Boyfriends, girlfriends, kids, over-zealous dogs - you have been warned. If we have a face of makeup, we need our personal space.

​But apparently, we've been missing a trick with the humble H20, according to the Korean beauty industry and we're not about to argue with them 'cos they gave us sheet masks and silk finger balls for our blackheads. They know what they're talking about guys.

Face diving or 'jamsu' involves dunking your head in cool water for 15-30 seconds after you've applied your base in order to set your makeup in place. That's foundation, concealer and the all important ingredient - baking powder. Not actual baking powder as we know it though, translucent powder that you then bake in the water. Are we making sense so far? We're trying to understand the logic too.


Then, you carefully dab off the water with a towel and buff away any harsh marks with your fluffy brush and you're done! Just go in and add the rest of your eye makeup as normal.

Beauty bloggers have tried and tested it and seem to approve but if you're claustrophobic when submerged in water - or genuinely scared your mum will find out you've used her fave lasagna dish - then our guess is sticking to your standard setting spray will probably be just fine. However, if you love snorkelling as much as you love a matte finish then this has your name all over it.

Would you be game to try face dunking in the name of budge-proof makeup? Tweet us @SofeminineUK!

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