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Everyone Is Losing Their Minds Over These Shattered Glass Manicures

by Lareese Craig ,
Everyone Is Losing Their Minds Over These Shattered Glass Manicures

Straight out of South Korea (obviously because where else are all the best beauty trends born), the shattered glass manicure is the latest nail trend on the beauty scene and it really is proving to be as sharp as it sounds. So sharp in fact, we can't wait to have a stab at trying to create them ourselves. Now, where did I leave my cellophane...

There's not many trends our nails haven't seen but shattered glass digits is one of them. The technique was developed by Eunkyung Park, owner of Unistella Salon in Seoul. The inspiration came from the abalone, a sea snail with a very pretty mother-of-pearl-like lining in its shell, similar to an oyster. How serene.

When Park cut up some cellophane and fashioned a DIY manicure with it, Korean women lost their minds all over Instagram and glass nails were born. We have a sneaky suspicion Kylie Jenner is already plotting how to make her shattered glass nails debut on Snapchat.

If you don't have Park's patience to sit and chill with your cellophane for half an hour, there's stickers for that instead -again brought to you by Park. This woman is a living unicorn.

Pre-cut to fit each nail and available in two templates: fragmented shards or cut-gemstones, the unicorn woman hasn't cut any corners on this one.

Whether you want to hand cut your pieces for jagged curves or stick em on using the templates, giving your digits the glass-over is where all the fun is at.

There's been some criticism over how practical glass talons are but we like to look at the positives in life and if there's one thing on this earth that'll stop you from gnawing at your nails it's a shattered glass mani.

Here's the bad news, the stickers aren't available to buy over here yet so until then, I guess it's a case of getting down to Hobbycraft and stocking up on your supplies ladies.

Check out the hottest glass nails designs sending Instagram into a tizz!

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korean glass nails trend
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