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From Jo To Joanne: The Many Faces Of Lady Gaga

by Pascale Day ,
From Jo To Joanne: The Many Faces Of Lady Gaga© Getty Images

Lady Gaga's fashion sense knows no bounds, and we can't knock her for it because, let's be honest, she's the only one who could wear a dress made entirely of the meat you'd find at a deli counter. Even though she has remained the same eccentric Gaga we all know and love, her beauty evolution is an interesting one. Check out her ever-changing beauty looks below!

Let's face it, it doesn't matter whether Gaga is dressing as a crotch-grabbing dude with a five o'clock shadow, crawling gracefully out of a humungous egg, or wearing terrifying fake nashers on the red carpet, she does it with such finesse that we start to think maybe it's not so crazy after all. Maybe it's a good idea. Maybe we should all stop taking the train and travel to work by alien egg, and maybe we should add a helmet made entirely of flowers to our work uniform whilst we're at it.

In reality it is only Gaga who can get away with these things. That's why designers are tugging at the hem of her meat dress to work with her, with Giorgio Armani and Karl Lagerfeld creating bespoke pieces just for her. See, Lady Gaga is a beauty contortionist: She takes the ordinary comfort zone of the everyday woman, stretching and twisting outside of it to create something that is both shocking and beautiful. But just as easily as she can contort into this enigmatic creature swathed head-to-toe in lace, she can crank up the elegant sophisticated Gaga that seductively croons next to Tony Bennet too. That is the power of Gaga: She is clear about who she is, even if that changes from day to day. Take a look at the feminine, manly, sophisticated and downright wacky faces of Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga 2008 © Getty Images
Lady Gaga 2008
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