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There's Finally A Mean Girls Bath Bomb & It Is As Fetch As It Sounds

by Lareese Craig ,
There's Finally A Mean Girls Bath Bomb & It Is As Fetch As It Sounds

No matter what madness the world throws at us, we can always find comfort in the fact that Mean Girls - aka the best movie of all time - exists. And now, we can take our obsession with Regina George and co to the bath tub with us because a Mean Girls bath bomb is finally here. Can we get a collective 'gr-ool' to mark the occasion please?

Regina George doesn't strike us as the kind of girl who would dare bathe her body without a fetch bath bomb in tow, so it's a pretty good thing Radioactive Unicorn have gone and created one.

Aptly named 'You Can't Sit With Us', the newly released bath bomb is inspired by the 2004 Mean Girls comedy that has had us quoting lines for the last 13 years (wow, we got old). Shaped like a diamond and caked in glitter, it explodes into a fluorescent pink hue when it hits the water. Pretty fetch right? It also smells good enough to eat since it comes equipped with a Cherry Bakewell scent and pledges to leave your bath tub stain-free. The plastics would be so proud.

And there's more. A quick ganders at their Instagram tells us that the MG bath bomb is just the beginning. They'll also be launching a 'You Go, Glen Coco' liquid lipstick and yep, it's also very, very pink.

First peek at the mean girls liquid lipstick! "You go, glen coco!" Liquid cerise for pink matte lipstick ;) releasing Saturday at 7

A post shared by radioactive unicorn (@official_radioactive_unicorn) on Apr 24, 2017 at 10:28am PDT

We just have one question, since everything is pink, does this mean we can only use it on Wednesdays? We're thinking even Regina would bend the rule book on that one.

If you want to get your hands on a MG bath bomb, keep an eye out on the Radioactive Unicorn website. They're only available for a limited amount of time so erm, hurry!

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