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Now People Are Tattooing Freckles Onto Their Faces... And We Kinda Like It TBH

by Pascale Day ,
Now People Are Tattooing Freckles Onto Their Faces... And We Kinda Like It TBH© Instagram/gabriellerainbow

If you want sun-kissed skin without the exposure, then we might have found the solution for you: freckle tattoos. Montreal cosmetic tattooist Gabrielle Rainbow has reignited the trend with her semi-permanent creations, and seriously? They look so real. Check 'em out below.

Freckles are well and truly having a moment right now. We've seen transfer freckles, rainbow freckles and even galaxy freckles, and now people are loving them so much they've decided to make them permanent - or semi-permanent, at least.

Gabrielle Rainbow, a tattoo artist from Montreal, is drawing delicate dots on her customer's faces and we have to admit, they look pretty damn good! There's always the slight risk that a tattoo could go wrong and when it's on your face there's nowhere to hide. Microblading and cosmetic tattooing are growing rapidly in popularity but they can illicit some pretty disastrous results. Luckily, judging from her Instagram, Gabrielle has got this faux freckle thing down to a fine art.

“Before tattooing her, I experimented on myself - I really don't recommend tattooing your own face," Gabrielle told New Beauty. "But once I saw that it worked out, and I liked the effect, I decided to do hers.”

Gabrielle says the freckles last around three years - but they don't come cheap. "Depending on the artist, the price starts from the $250. This is for one session and that doesn’t typically include follow-up appointments which can range in price depending on the time spent.” So if you fancy getting this adorable look for yourself, expect to invest some serious time and money.

But the good news is, if you do decide to get faux freckles for yourself, Gabrielle's Insta photos are proof that they look ridiculously cute. Check 'em out below.

Would you get tattoo freckles? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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