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OMG Photoshop video reveals the truth behind airbrushing

by Lareese Craig ,
OMG Photoshop video reveals the truth behind airbrushing© Photoshop

We're all guilty of relying on photoshop and flattering filters to perfect our Instagram selfies but just how far would you go to edit your image? A revealing gif shows the before and after shots of a woman who is transformed before our eyes at the click of a button. The results are jaw-dropping.

Ever wondered what really goes on behind the scenes of a photo shoot? Now you can find out. A new Photoshop gif reveals how one woman is transformed from a naturally pretty model with a 'real' body shape to an industry-approved, digital manipulation.

It's nothing new that photo shoots are airbrushed beyond belief but just how much can be changed with the click of a button? You'll be very surprised.

A new gif called 'The power of Adobe Photoshop' reveals the shocking transformation of one woman as she is enhanced, stretched, thinned and beautified in every sense.

The 37 second clip starts with a barefaced natural woman modelling underwear. She is then groomed and glammed to within an inch of her life. and we're not just talking hairstyling and make-up.

The results are crazy-unrealistic.


From lengthening her legs and stretching her necks, to enlarging her eyes and flattening her bum the model is barely recognisable in the after shot.

Her shoulders, legs and bum appear more toned and trim, her stomach slimmer and her skin is seamless - everything is longer, thinner and brighter than before.

It proves that nothing is beyond Photoshop trickery even turning a perfectly attractive young lady into a mannequin-version of herself.

Talk about unattainable images of beauty!

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Lareese Craig
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