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#TreatYoSelf PayDay Haul: Beauty, Fashion And Everything In Between

by Lareese Craig ,
#TreatYoSelf PayDay Haul: Beauty, Fashion And Everything In Between

Is it just me or has this been the longest payday wait in the history of payday waits? Well, TF it's finally here. We can stop having Tomato soup and splash out on sushi goodness once more... right after we've done the whole buy a new wardrobe and new makeup thing.

​Can you hear that? It's the sound of Churchill bank notes hitting your account again. Yes, the time has come to splurge our payday cash on things.

For when you want a solid night's sleep

RRP: £18.00-£20.00 (W/WO lavender)
Available from: Catherine & Jean

​To up your winter boot game!

RRP: £35
Available from: Pretty Little Thing

So you can get into the Halloween spirit right from the comfort of your own bath tub

RRP: £3.95
Available from: Lush

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​For when you need to do the whole, 'I'm not hungover I swear' thing

RRP: £22
Available from: Clarins

For when it's chilly but you still wanna hit the pavements

RRP: £70
Available from: Animal

... and you're gonna need the matching top too y'know

RRP: £45
Available from: Animal

For that perfect Autumn wardrobe update

RRP: £75
Available from: Closet London

Cos every girl needs a 'wear it with everything' bomber jacket

RRP: £95
Available from: OBEY

For a super luxe way to listen to your tunes

RRP: £19.99
Available from: Happy Plugs

For when things get a little hairy but you cba to leave the house - AND you can even use it to defluff your hairy upper lip. Winner.

RRP: £350
Available from: Panasonic

For that botanical boost you deserve after working so hard all month

RRP: £6.99
Available from: Ocado

For skin that's in need of a little winter TLC

RRP: £50 for 6
Available from: Temple Spa

To remind you of summer days been and gone, even when it's cold out

DKNY Be Crystallized Apple Green
RRP: £39 from The Perfume Shop

For comfort and a sprinkle of glitz. Who says you can't have both?

RRP: £40
Available from: RocketDog

For the finishing touch to your fave party outfit

RRP: £25
​Available from: Sparking Jewellery

For an easy shortcut to a golden glow

RRP: £14
Available from: Madame La La

To revive your lacklustre pores

RRP: £37
Available from: Kiehl's

So you can hygge all over the place

RRP: £40
Available from: Dragon Fly Tea

For Jessica Rabbit-esque lashes

RRP: £14
Available from: Fake Bake

What have you been eyeing up ready for payday? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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Lareese Craig
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