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This Too Faced Setting Spray Promises To Hide Your Hangover

by Helen Turnbull ,
This Too Faced Setting Spray Promises To Hide Your Hangover© Instagram

While we're still sitting tight for science to bless us with a hangover cure that'll put an end to weekly Sunday bad-food binges, being able to at least hide the signs of your inebriated antics of the night before, the morning after when you have to pretend you're 'fine', is at least a start. Thanks to Too Faced, your Monday-morning sober disguise will be all that more convincing now.

The all-too-familiar feeling of waking up to a bloated stomach, a throbbing head and feeling all-round 'bleurgh' after a heavy night is just about made bearable thanks to ingenious inventions like the JustEat app, painkillers and the simple shower. But while an excessive order of your favourite greasy takeaway may go some way to settling your stomach, it wreaks more havoc with your skin.

But Too Faced have just the trick. The beauty busy bodies have noticed a gap in the market for something that undoes the damage and side-effects caused by plugging shots upon shots. Enter: Hangover 3-in-1 Setting Spray.

The pint-sized product promises to 'prime, set and refresh' your worn complexion and is designed to be spritzed on before applying make-up as a primer or afterwards as a setting spray. It's yet to hit shelves so we're not sure of how well it works but what we do know is that it's formulated with coconut water, pro-biotic-based ingredient and skin revivers i.e. the same ingredients as the beauty giant's Hangover Primer and exactly what your weekday-hungover complexion is lacking in.

The miracle-worker is also free from alcohol (your skin's had enough of that), silicone, oil and more importantly, cruelty so you can rest assured this will be a good, ethical purchase. Too Faced have yet to confirm a release date but we can only hope it's in time for the fast-approaching party season.

Will you be spritzing this setting spray all over your hungover skin? Let us know your thoughts @soFeminineUK

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Helen Turnbull
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