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Victoria Beckham's Beauty Evolution

by Pascale Day ,
Victoria Beckham's Beauty Evolution© Getty Images

We all have skeletons in our closet, right? And by skeletons, I mean shoeboxes filled with old photos of us looking our worst that we plan on burning at some point. Because what was once in fashion always comes round to bite us in the ass - just look at Victoria Beckham. She's shed her questionable 90s highlights and blossomed into a high-fashion figure with a multi-million business to boot. But for every bad fake-tan job, there's a perfect smokey eye and thick, jealousy-inducing eyebrows so she

No matter what they do, the Beckhams will always be style icons. We reluctantly stood by them when David started plucking his eyebrows and wearing do-rags and we were there to witness Victoria's many over-generous tan applications. No matter what fashion crimes they commit, we lap it up. David wears a sarong? We wear a sarong. Victoria cuts all her hair off? We cut all our damn hair off.

But for all Vicky B's beauty wrong-doings, we can forgive her. I mean, just look at her now: she's designing all the clothes we want to wear and she boasts eyebrows we can only dream of growing. Surprisingly, Victoria's beauty evolution has been somewhat subtle, and gradual - those brows didn't just appear overnight. There are some staples that she's stuck to, like nude lips, but there are things that have taken more time to perfect, like the smokey eye that's become her go-to look and one which she has now put to the masses after her recent make-up line launch with beauty giant Estee Lauder.

If there's one thing you can't accuse VB of it's fear of change. She is the queen of the crop - the pixie crop, to be exact. She always knows how to reinvent a short 'do. For a while now, she's favoured long, sleek brunette locks, so we were pretty happy to see that she'd changed up her look once more with a wavy lob at New York Fashion Week recently. And yes, you've guessed it - we are now also all sporting long, wavy bobs. Victoria speaks and we listen. You lob, we all lob, Posh.

Check out Victoria's beauty evolution below:

© Getty Images
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