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Would You Rock Hairy Nails? Check Out The Latest INSANE Nail Trend

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Would You Rock Hairy Nails? Check Out The Latest INSANE Nail Trend

Chewbacca is SO hot right now.

The new nail trend that kind of looks like you have small puppies on your fingernails has hit the fashion week runways and we have to say we are utterly perplexed at the weird and wonderful road trends take us on sometimes. This time, the hottest look is fluffing up your fingernails.

To get the unique, unique. look, you need to use the Vinylux Weekly Polish, then apply the fake fur over the top. You may then proceed to terrifying civilians by pretending you are a transforming werewolf. Job. Done.

Are you here for the furry nail trend? #FurryNails #NailTrends

Una foto pubblicata da FASHION BLOGGER (@marshbarscloset) in data: 18 Feb 2016 alle ore 04:54 PST

Dare to try this bizzare furry nails trend, Girls? #nailart #furrynails #trend #beautytrend #runwaytrends

Una foto pubblicata da FIMELA GIRL (@fimelagirl) in data: 18 Feb 2016 alle ore 03:33 PST

If the brown fur is a little TOO wild for you, these looks might be more up your street...

Forgot these #furrynails #nails #nailart #velvetnails

Una foto pubblicata da Amanda (@allthatsparkles) in data: 17 Mag 2013 alle ore 18:18 PDT

Fur effect nails.:D #mua #nailpolish #furrynails #redfur #nailfluff #nails

Una foto pubblicata da Chloe Wilson (@cwilson_13) in data: 2 Gen 2013 alle ore 10:23 PST

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